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Will games be timed in Halo CE?

OP G l241L

I remember the old days when you played a game of CTF that lasted 2+ hours and people would rack up triple digit kills. Are they gonna leave this feature alone, or at least make it available? Or, will they post a clock at the bottom of the screen? The clock would actually make it easier to time power ups and rockets so I guess it's not a big deal either way I was just curious.
As awesome as that is... Im sure matchmaking will be timed. But sure you can make customs limitless in settings.
Probably, not many people playing matchmaking want to play a 3+ hour match
Maybe a game mode for ce called infinity would be a good idea bcus three hours matches with 500 kills in on bloodgulch on ce pc was amazing
Its probably going to be timed
yeah I'm sure they will make some tweaks with the matchmaking time
It'll all be timed.
it will definitely be timed
The PC version had time limit options. Based on the HUD we've seen from the IGN footage and the fact that they're using the PC versions of the maps that existed on both Xbox and PC, we can safely conclude that the game options will be based on the PC version.
I would think they have to be in matchmaking. Some ctf games used to last a long time like you said depending on the settings. Even 2v2 slayer games can last up to 20 mins depending on the map and opponents.

No quicker way to end a Lan party than to play some ctf blood gulch for 2 hours.