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Will the Update fix the awful Halo 3 spawns?


So I Just played a CTF game on Rats Nest with some friends and the entire time we just got spawn killed repeatedly.. An example is i spawned right in front of a sniper or in front of a ghost for what felt like every spawn.
How would you suggest they fix it? I don't think there's a way around it, that wouldn't upset the balance of the game. Such as giving the team spawns on the other side of the map near the objective. That wouldn't work, it would be chaos, if you give them too good of a spawn, what's the point in killing them? On rats nest there are 3 core spawn points. You have the 2 corners of the map on your side and there is one near the sniper spawn closer to your own side of the map. That 3rd one is a pretty good spawn, you're already almost half way across the map! So if both spawn points are blocked on your own side, you will get snipe spawn, I think that's a fair compromise by bungie. There are also a few of spawns inside the base, they are unlikely, but if you get one your in a good position to break the set up.
I get spawning on the other side would be bad for objective games but maybe 343 could add a bit more spawn variety to the mix. Like add some by mid turret or more spawns in the base. It became boring real quick being mowed down from two warthogs and a ghost when I would spawn out side the base. Even a spawn by the rocket cliff on the tunnel wall would be nice.
That's how the spawns were in Halo 3. The idea of MCC is to bring Halo 3 to the Xbox One on one disc with the other Halos, not update Halo 3.