When MCC first released a friend and I put in a crazy amount of time grinding and learning the LASO challenges. Long story short, we got the white laso nameplate. Since the yap yap update our laso nameplates have been locked ni customization menu, like we never got them, however, they are still equipped so we aren't completely freaking out. Now I am to scared to change my nameplate for fear of losing one of the most prestigious unlocks in MCC. Has anyone else had this issue?
Hi. Can you provide a bit more information to help us investigate your issue?

When did you originally unlock the LASO Platinum nameplate?
Have you seen any other nameplates or customization items become locked?
Can you provide a screenshot of your customization menu where the plate appears locked?

Thank you.
X SL0TH X wrote:
I had a bunch of maps lost to the mcc updates over the years. I only really have one that I would like found... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEYzBsMmq3E&t=5s
One thing I know happened is all my ranking for campaign was deleted in one of the updates. This made it impossible to retrieve my saved map types. If this can be founds please let me know. I would appreciate it.
Please start a new topic for this, don't hijack another users thread