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58 minutes can't find a game in matchmaking ?!?

OP R A M P A G 1 N

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What the hell, we have been searching for almost an hour and no games.... There are 6 of us. We have searched as a party of 6 for a big team.l as a party of 4 for team slayer then all 6 of split up and searched individually for a team slayer ? What the F !
Same thing here m8.

Can't find any other players in matchmaking,
I love how this is called "halo support"..You would think on release day they would have a team member on standby to address problems or "support" their dedicated fans... Yet with only 3 forum topics no one from 343 will bother to reply to any of the Australian/ NZ players...they know there's a problem..... But nothing. Sure glad I stayed up late for the release... Thanks 343 !
Yep - bit of a buzz kill. Just found 3 people in TH2A. Maybe/Hopefully it's close to being fixed.
Hi R A M P A G 1 N,

Is this happening in all playlists for you or just Team Slayer and Big Team Battle?

We're currently investigating this issue and will provide updates as they become available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please know that your reports are being seen and we're working with the development team to support the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection as well as Halo Channel.
Same with me and 10 of my other Aussie launch friends, turns out matchmaking is broken not sure if it's broken worldwide but it is for us Aussies :(
Broken worldwide I can't get a game either. UK player here
It's also broken here in America. This is unacceptable.
MeaeiN wrote:
Same with me and 10 of my other Aussie launch friends, turns out matchmaking is broken not sure if it's broken worldwide but it is for us Aussies :(
Probably worldwide. I'm from Germany and everyone I've talked to had MM problems....
Today I could not play a single game in 3 hours of searching. Every once in a while you would find 4 to 6 players but the game never starts because the lobby never fills up.
yup its a world wide problem

kiwi's, aussie's, brits, germans, americans

so much hype built around this game and its already failing
This better be fixed by midnight EST.
Add FLoKo Ix to play some custom games
Ah i wonderd why i was just sat in the matchmaking like a lemon, come along 343 crack a whip at them servers of yours (im uk if that helps)
Why even release this game if matchmaking is literally not working... So frustrating.
someone call max uberman he should be able to fix it
Hopefully issues are fixed before I get home ;(
well my last update lets see, 49 minuets ago. and im still sat in the lobby some people come in but then went again i was like 3 people of actually having a game then,
Forum team, do you have a update ?
Has that big day one 15-20gb update been released for thoses who got it early?
it was released 2 days or so ago, so yeah its been released not to mention the slow -Yoink- download from there servers, took nearly 4 hours to finish.
Matchmaking is currently completely broken. Takes like 20 minutes to find a game, if you're in a party it splits you up across teams, games start with odd numbered teams, games have started 5v2/5v4 in 8 man playlists. It's unplayable, and been like this for days everywhere, not just for Aussies.
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