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About half my achievements are not making any progress for example “Thermopylae” - win 300 multiplayer games has been stuck at 99% for a long time and my stats aren’t updating for any games in the MCC. Any help would be appreciated!
I’ve seen several posts like this, and believe me you’re not the only one with this issue. Except for one odd instance a couple of days ago, none of my victories since the tenth have counted for any of these “win x multiplayer games” achievements.
Having the same issue, all achievements and In-game stat trackers for wins won’t progress or register. Would have thought I was just going crazy but the winner is served challenge (weekly for winning 7 games) has no problem keeping track of wins. Hopefully this is fixed soon.
Thank god im not the only one. Mine has been stuck at 89% for a while. Does anyone know if we can get 343 to see this as soon as possible?
This makes me feel slightly better knowing it's not just me with this problem. I've been achievement hunting and neither Checking Out Your Options (Complete a match on at least 4 unique game types) nor Sightseeing (Complete a match on at least 8 different classic multiplayer maps) are progressing, no matter what method I use. Hopefully a fix will be issued soon.
Same. "Sightseeing" and "Checking Out Your Options" are stuck at 3/4 and 7/8 respectively. Have tried all the maps and gametypes.
Having exact same issue no multiplayer wins or games played are counted. Let’s hope someone is looking.
Whew! Thought I was going crazy, but I too am having the same issue. Up All Night achievement has been stuck at 94% even after having played at least 25-30 multiplayer games over the past couple days.
Same here.
My wins have been stuck on 100 since the beginning of August.
My achievements for playing a certain number of maps and a certain number of game types have been frozen since then too.
My kills and deaths have not updated either.
Very frustrating.
Yeah still no word on a fix unfortunately, but there’s a much bigger thread for this under known issues
This is it if you want to follow that
Ok glad to know it's not just a problem to me. I'm on "Steady Aim" which is win 400 games but I've been stuck at 91% for a while. I know there are probably bigger problems but I hope it gets fixed soon because I'm trying to 100% the MCC.
hello, sometimes it could happen that u find some bugged achievement, u should try to restart the console or an hard reset, then open the game again and ur achievement will be unlock.
hope to be useful
u should try to hard reset the console and then restart the game, if the achievements is still locked try to uninstall and reinstall the game.
hope to be useful