So I redownloaded my profile and I synced my cloud data from the last time I played (like 2015 I think was the last time I played) and my campaign stats and stuff are... really buggy.

It says I’ve played like 27 missions of halo 2 alone and a 29 hour play time...when I’ve only gotten up to Gravemind. I definitely do not remember playing halo 2 anniversary campaign for 29 hours. The total missions says I've played like almost 50, which is just not true at all.

Maybe it’s just bugged from having to sync everything? It says my total missions are like 48 My multiplayer stats are all whack, too. Halo waypoint says I have 997 kills, but the in game only says 456. Does Waypoint combine multiplayer and custom games into one stat? Because even then it’s wrong when I add it up using it from in game.
MCC stats are almost always incorrect. It hardly handles stats or medals correctly. I even somehow managed to obtain 2 Triple Double medals in 1 match. Hopefully the MCC patch this year corrects a ton of these issues.
Yea my stats are all messed up too, Ive just been tryna ignore it but its hella annoying trying to compare stats after a multiplayer game and idk how reliable the stats are.