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Cant switch accounts, although i can‘t login.

OP FearingBroom60

Hey guys,
when i wanted to login onto my old xbox live account, it wanted me to confirm that it was me with old information i don‘t have. Unfortunately, i can‘t reset those security options, since i made the account when i was 12 or so and wrote complete nonsense into the security answers, since my parents told me not to give away information about myself on the internet. So i‘m stuck in the screen logging into xbox live on reach, but i cant log in with a new account i made, since it wont let me ditch the account i tried to login with. Did anybody else have the same problem and is able to help?

sincerely, a fellow fan
Currently going thru this with my roommate, will try to come back with a solution if we find one.
Delete everything in C:\Users\(your user ID)\AppData\LocalLow\MCC and it might give you a chance to log in again. Worked for me and I can now play the game. If you don't know, you can get to appdata faster by opening your file explorer and typing %appdata%