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I understand that - when things like the poor MCC release happen - everyone is in firefighting mode and there is little spare time. Since most of us are not networking experts anyway, a ton of detail would be lost on us. However - with respect to the matchmaking search times, shorthanded matches, disconnecting from the host, and achievements not registering - many of us would appreciate some more detail on the problem (is it the Live service itself that is problematic? the MCC itself not communicating properly with the existing Live service? combination of both?) as those details are discovered. Additionally, many of us would appreciate a short statement on what the updates might impact (will rank be reset? will completed campaign missions that failed to register be registered . . . or will the campaign need to be redone?). Even if you do not know ahead of time whether these things will happen, a statement such as, "we are not certain yet that this update will result in . . . [whatever]" is also helpful.

We don't necessarily need to understand everything that you communicate, but unless you communicate some details, the impression that is left is that you have no idea what the problem is and we have no confidence that it can or will be fixed. That needlessly raises the angst level.

There is no way to turn back the clock and make the launch appear smooth or soothe upset customers in the short term. That ship has sailed. But for the majority of us who are disappointed (but not apoplectic), a bit more detail in the communication will help prevent frustrations from spiraling out of control. If the communication gives me enough info to determine that I should just stick to the campaigns for a while, then I won't bother pissing myself off attempting to play matchmaking.

I do wish that the MCC felt more like a finished product. The criticism leveled at you is, in my opinion, fair. I can understand the matchmaking issues to an extent (no modern games seems to survive a launch without a host of major multiplayer issues), but not the campaign issues which are ubiquitous and could not have been missed were the testing even marginal. Perhaps efforts that require such extensive collaboration between different studios need more oversight in the future.
This is exactly how I feel right now. Their lack of communication is displaying one thing. Incompetence. All it lets us imagine is a bunch of network guys staring at an upside down monitor reassuring each other that if they hold their breathe for long enough, it'll be all guud.

It's honestly insulting. They are not being transparent. They are not giving time frames. They are not responding since apparently "updating and improving things" despite things being as bad as ever.

It's as if they are avoiding the community and pretending the PR nightmare that is happening is just a bad dream.

Frank O'Connor needs to get the -Yoink- on these forums and start responding to people. They have wasted millions of hours of our combined times as customers of their malfunctioning product.

Unless of course they are in fact as incompetent as they seem to be. In which case, just keep being silent and reinforce that fact...
Honestly, if they just posted their continuous integration logs and maybe gave some details on what work they're expecting to do without even a timeframe. So many people would stop complaining and actually start to understand the issues they're experiencing.

For all I care they can delay Halo 5 till 5 years down the line and focus more on this game, because if they want to please their fans and generate the old competitiveness that was introduced with companies like MLG and eSports in general; they need to stop thinking about further products and focus on refactoring and perfecting the work they have now.

If their business model and code diagrams are correct, then all the hard work from upgrading this game to a good standard can then be ported to Halo 5 in the long run.

I would love to hear a Bungie executives perspective on this, as I know a few of the guys consider this franchise as their child and will probably be close to having words with the collation which released H2A.

Just in case a 343i employer/dev is reading this; for the majority of us educated players; the veterans which have been around since Halo CE. We will all tell you that its not the fact that the game is broken that is the problem, its the approach your business has to this franchise as a whole which needs work. There is ALOT more money to be made from a fan base than there is from continuous delivery of new versions of the game, and that is what makes Halo players, Halo players and NOT Call of Duty players.
I have purchased every Halo game on release day since Halo 2. My desk at work is full of halo figures. I own several halo tshirts. I've been a devote fanboy for 10 years, despite the monstrosity that is "Reach". The only reason I have remained on the xbox platform is because of this franchise. Halo 4 was a decent bounce back from Reach, but I still missed the simplicity that was Halo 2/3 and have eagerly been awaiting MCC. I'm 32 years old and 3 weeks away from the birth of my first child. The nursery has been painted and the crib put together. Everything is ready for the arrival of our baby girl. Though I haven't had much time during this preparation period to play anything, I was planning to enjoy these last few weeks of freedom with a nostalgic HD trip down memory lane. Basically, what I am saying is that I am very disappointing. The clock is quickly counting down to the day that I will be thrust into adulthood, and all I can see is "searching for players".

I'm a software developer, so I can definitely relate to bugs, but this is unacceptable. I realize that this is just one of thousands of rants. I'm not going to demand my money back, and I don't want any special compensation. I just want to play.
Yeah this is terrible. They aren't communicating and it sounds like they have no idea what the issue is that is causing matchmaking problems.
In the end, the most important thing is that it gets fixed . . . but ensuring that the fans feel like 343 is trying to take care of them in the interim is important as well.
NNMS MXMS wrote:
In the end, the most important thing is that it gets fixed . . . but ensuring that the fans feel like 343 is trying to take care of them in the interim is important as well.
That's how people should feel, most don't.
Yes . . . it looks like they are starting to communicate better. Let's hope the trend continues.
I am posting all of Frankie's updates from NeoGaf here. Will keep it updated with helpful information.

Have a Nice Day ^_^!