Was rank 9 on Team Hardcore, stopped playing for a couple hours now my rank has reset back to 1. Are the servers having troubles or something?, just wondering whats going on.
Same thing happened to me today as well, from rank 8 to 1 over night.
I'm still rank 7 on invasion, Didn't happen to me
Maybe it only reset Team Hardcore ?
It happens to me on every restart. I also have no multiplayer stats except for one DMR headshot kill
Same issue with rank reset, went from rank 6 to rank 1 over night. Also, I have no career profile data from 10 hours of playtime. No achievements, no medals, etc...
Same here with team hardcore rank. It resets to 1 every time i close the game. And no stats or achievements tracking.
Same here. Overall rank saves, but competitive rank does not. What a joke.
Same, got to 8 like 3 times because I figured it was just a visual bug and not showing rank correctly. Clearly I just wasted my time and my support ticket is still unresolved.
I also am having this issue, is there a resolution? Can't believe this is still an issue.