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I just purchased a new digital copy of MCC, after having it on disc since launch. I'm in college now in New York City and my brother has the disc copy, so I got a new digital one for myself. Since it first installed, I couldn't find any matches. Just blank matchmaking, saying that it's finding players and connection to sessions, only to have it fail to connect and repeat the cycle. Now I've gotten as far as the loading screen, but I get booted consistently and find the message, "connection interrupted," waiting for me in the lobby. I've tested matchmaking for every individual game, cleared my saved data, reinstalled the game three times, tried hardwiring my internet, and nothing seems to work. I've seen other waypoint threads about this, and no responses came from 343 representatives or moderators. It seems like a lot of people are still having this problem, and it's concerning to see 343 ignoring them. Matchmaking on all my other installed games, like CoD, Battlefield, Apex Legends, and PUBG all work just fine, so I'm convinced it's not an issue with my college's network. This is pretty much an unacceptable issue to be having, given that the game has been out for about 5 years. I'm really excited to play Reach when it's remastered and released, but if this issue persists, I'm going to lose out on that experience, and I'll honestly give up Halo until Infinite. If anyone has a fix, or better yet, if a 343 representative can give me some indication of acknowledgement or progress on a possible fix or patch, I'd be grateful.