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[Locked] Getting Banned From Matchmaking Due To Game Crash

OP OceanicWalnuts

Can we please put something in place to stop the game crashing counting as a leave, my MCC on PC has never crashed until Season 7 where it has crashed multiple times and each time I'm being penalized and banned from matchmaking. Please Fix.
Yup. Before Season 7 this rarely happened to me. Now though, whenever I get a SWAT map in Halo 2: Anniversary, the game crashes and I get a ban. I don't mind it because I can get Campaign challenges done in the meantime or mess around in Forge mode or just play Pokémon on my Switch or 2DS, but needless to say I have de-selected the game from the Match Composer.
I recommend using this thread to report matchmaking ban problems. I know it’s frustrating, but it helps keep the forum organized when these issues are all logged in one place.
Yep, Geme just crashed and black screened, just got MCC back and haven’t left a single game early, and I got a 30 minute ban because of it, just plain frustrating, and it was the first game I loaded up in the morning like how the hell do I get a 30 minute penalty off rip?
this happened three times where game crashes and then i litterally get banned for like an hour
This happens to me every time i try and play this game.
- Log in.
- Multiplayer.
- Halo3-4.
- Play.
- 1st Match always works.
- Match ends press play again.
- Loads players in to group - Leaving matchmaking.
- Eventually loads players into group and initiates to next loading screen with map showing.
- Loading bar never makes it past 60%.
- Leaving matchmaking.
- Few more attempts and I'm banned for 5 mins.

I am running the most current update. I have a great internet speed and connection. Every game works fine other than this one. I also uninstalled the game and tried downloading through Microsoft store which it will not let me do. They really don't want me to play HALO lol
This happened to me on xbox too
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Yo tengo el mismo problema, solo que siempre more sucede en halo 3, se traba y me banea del juego al volverlo a iniciar
If you are encountering crashes while playing, please make sure and file support tickets for these issues. Don't file ban appeals or use the thread link above [Waypoint ban thread] if it's crash related, support tickets are the best way to report things so they can be investigated and fixed: