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Halo 2: Anniversary Legendary Achivement.

OP qndreas


I've played countless of hours on Halo 2. It's one of my teenage dreams (silly i know) to complete Halo 2 in Legendary difficulty. And It's very annoying when you check your menu and can see that you finished all the games in Legendary. But when i go to Waypoint, and check - it says i missed ONE mission.. i didn't use any cheats/skulls.

This problem has been going on Since like 2014? I mean c'mon Bungie.. you got some people who think you're making more magic than both Pixar/Disney and you're not fixing these glitches.. and expect us to play the missions over and over Until it fixes itself.

I also read it can take up to 72h Until the achivement comes up.. That's too far away! Do it again! And make it right next time!

And lastly.. does anyone have suggestion How to fix this problem? That i have to play a mission again on Legendary, is not the answere I'm looking for!

*using mindtrick on Bungie*
I didn't know that this was so bugged. As you, I just finished the Halo 2 Campaign (no cheats, skulls), I have all the mission related achievements and still my mission count for the achievement stays at 92%. What's going on? Also, many bugs that other people say that have been fixed, keep happening to me (and yes, I have the latest upgrade).

If someone have a suggestion, as qndreas, please say something!

And please 343, Halo was a great deal for me in my teenage years. Please don't ruin it with something like this as THE Collection.