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Halo 2 Anniversary vehicle one hit bug

OP Jensiz

Tried googling but couldn't find a single post about this issue. There's an extremely annoying bug in Halo 2A multiplayer where almost every time I drive a ghost someone one-shots me, with a BR or AR usually. I have full shields and the ghost is also full health and yet it still happens. It never happens when I shoot at other people who drive ghosts. I think it can also happen with hornets, not 100% sure though.

I'm trying to get the Roadkill Rampage achievement where you need to splatter 100 enemies in Halo 2A multiplayer but this bug makes it almost impossible. It's so stupid that you can only do this achievement i Halo 2A. Also what is wrong with the sound in this game? Often I can't hear explosions and there is no reload sound on weapons.

Videos showing the bug in title:!AvCtSM7MZd63hbwe_0PqTX0I_vlmtQ!AvCtSM7MZd63hcVNx2SS8tMxcIOl1g