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Halo 2 Classic Campaign music volume is too low

OP ES Blackburn7

Like the title says, the music volume in the Halo 2 Classic campaign is much lower than in the original game. This is especially noticable during the scorpion section in Halo Delta for example. While driving and shooting, you can barely hear any music at all while it's perfectly fine in the Anniversary version. Please fix this in one of the next updates. Volume sliders for voices, sfx and music would be the best option here I guess.
The classic music is really low if I remember the original halo 2 had low music I think but mcc just has really low I don’t think it’s a bug I think it’s been like that for a while but yeah I can see why you would be upset I guess the best way to fix it just put your tv or whatever volume really loud I guess 😂
Yeah I’ve definitely noticed that too and repeatedly put insider feedback but it looks like they still haven’t fixed it.