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I have found an issue on the level 'The Oracle" on the Halo 2 campaign in the Master Chief Collection. When I attempt the par score achievement, I am unable to get it. This happens on every difficulty except Easy. I have mostly attempted it on Heroic and Legendary, and the game always crashes at the cut-scene in which the Heretic Leader runs through the shield door just before the player must cut the cables to send the installation into the sandstorm. I have about 9 Legendary attempts and 5 Heroic attempts that have all resulted in the same bug. I would love to be able to get this achievement, and finish this level. I'm afraid the same problem will occur while playing playlists for the game as well. Thanks for your time.
Hmmm, I have never encountered this. If your going for par score and it only works on easy then might I recommend putting a lot of skulls on for higher multiplier?
!I can't believe I never thought of that. Thanks! I'll give it a go next time I'm on.
The only way I could see the game repeatedly freezing at that cut scene is if you somehow missed a loading sequence somewhere or if activating par score somehow affects the campaign in terms of coding??? I can say that I've played the mission on legendary before with par score and had no issue so it may just be a bug brought on with an update and will be ironed out eventually.
OP, can you please list every possible detail you can regarding your runs?

When this bug happened, were there any skulls enabled? What difficulty were you on? Were you in Anniversary mode or Classic mode? Were you playing Solo or Co-op? Etc.
Same thing happened to me - I tried again and when the cut scene happened I just spammed A to skip it and that worked. After the final boss I also skipped the final cut scene because I was worried the glitch would happen again. Shame this hasn't been fixed because it's very frustrating, especially on legendary to get kicked off right at the end.
Having the exact same issue in co-op Heroic Grunt Bday, and IWHBYD skulls
Yeah that's happened to me too (since October 2018):