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Halo 4 Map Decal Glitch (XBox Series X)

OP SuperSonic763

So I was messing around with the new XBox Series X build of the game. I was testing out the FOV slider on the Halo 4 map Complex (seeing as it was the first in the list containing vehicles to test out the vehicle FOV). I spawned at Garage and immediately noticed that moving the camera to a specific area (where the two grooves on the right meet the brown stripe) caused a lot of the map decals to disappear including all brown stripes, all grooves visible from that spot, the vents and warning sign to the left, and the UNSC text after the ramp in the near distance. The decals return once the camera leaves that spot on the map. I couldn't find any other spots that cause this effect.

I changed the FOV back to default (78) and the issue persisted, affirming this issue is not tied to changing the FOV. However, increasing the FOV does exacerbate the issue by increasing the area the camera can be focused on that initiates the issue. I've, also, closed the game entirely and re-entered and can reproduce the issue every time I load the map.

I don't see this on the list of known Halo 4 issues. I, also, don't know if its isolated to just this one instance or if it manifests elsewhere in the game.