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So with the latest season out, I really want to play the Spartan Ops missions, as they're motivating me to get some of the achievements that I missed in the game.

Whenever I try and play spartan ops, I can only play the first level of each chapter. When i try and select any of the other missions within the chapter, the game freezes and sends me to the home screen.

I've been able to play them before, but now whenever I try it won't work. Anyone know the cause? I tried hard resetting my xbox and uninstalling Halo 4 and reinstalling it, doesn't work.

Hope this isn't a hardware issue, with the game being too big for my Xbox One S. It shouldn't be, I can play everything else just fine, just I can't select missions on Spartan Ops. Hope there's a fix for it
As this appears to be an issue with your game, we recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.