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Halo MCC Active profile signed out issue

OP hockeyrocks6798

I literally cannot play the game at all. If i sit in the main menu, it last maybe a minute before the door pops up saying "USER SIGNED OUT Active profile signed out, exiting to Main Menu". I have tried everything, I made sure my account isn't on another console, i deleted the game and re downloaded it, restarting the game, you name it, i looked it up. I even made a post on Reddit and no one can think of anything to help. Please help, i just want to play.
It also does it if i can load into a game like resuming campaign and it doesn't last for the loading bar to finish.
You're not the only one who's experienced this. Judging from this forum here, A good solution seems to be removing the profile from the console, and adding it back again.

Before you do this though, back up any maps & gametypes you've saved too.
That doesn't work either, I tried that already
Same thing here. I done the remove and reload the game, the account.... hard restart. Everything. Sorta sucks too... any solution?
Same issue here too... I've tried every possible combination of solutions and can't figure anything out. I reached out to 343 and this is what they had to say:

"Ah, thank you for the screenshot​, that is indeed the behavior we're seeing from a small amount of users.

We currently do not have a solution for the issue you are experiencing, but will keep you updated if one becomes available.

In the meantime, you should be able to at least play Halo: The Master Chief Collection single player.
In case you didn't know, Halo: The Master Chief Collection allows you to play Campaign and Custom Games in split-screen and LAN co-op and multiplayer in offline mode, which should allow you limited access to the title.
You can access this setting by navigating from the Main Menu to Options & Career > Settings > Network Tab > Network: Change XBOX LIVE to LAN, click the Back button at the bottom left > Save Settings

I realize this is not a fix or long-term solution.
Please let us know if either the above does not work, or if your issue no longer occurs at any point."

This really sucks, I'm a casual gamer and just want to play some Halo. I don't have time for problems like these.
Still an issue? I’m getting this currently as of 3.14.21. No workarounds are helping.
Dealing with this too.. I've done everything I've found online and nothing.. even worse is this is an issue that has been known about for years with no fix.