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HELP! I cannot find any BTB games.

OP RynosaurusRex82

Hello all,

I'm from Australia, so obviously I’m prioritised on Australia/Asian servers. But dang, I'd be more than happy to play on US servers, even with a ping disadvantage just to get a single BTB game. When I try to search for a BTB, I never get one. Sometimes, 10+mins of sitting there. Nothing, been like this for days. Do I need to adjust a setting or something in my network? Did I not check a box I was supposed to?

Not sure what I'm doing wrong!?

Make sure you: Turn relays off, have input based matchmaking off, have the servers you want to play on selected. Find a U.S. or European player to join on as a friend and play with.

Australlia and Asian servers have a lower population. Asia has strict control over their internet, and your country has a low population in general.

All in All if those don't work, buy a VPN and connect to a European or US server using that. Nord VPN is around 10 USD a month. It will help with your security, and will help you find games besides MCC.
Are you playing on a Series console?
Try rebooting your game fully - quick resuming doesn’t update server information. That’d make you just never find a match because your game data isn’t up to date.

Other than that, server relays in settings is probably better off being turned off too.
It’s just a region lock issue, wait for the Hotfix tomorrow it’ll resolve the issue I’m having as well as a Aussie
I assure you, it is sometimes the same in Europe.
I just got about a 1 GB update, I think that's the hotfix going live!
I still cant get into a game either, only managed to get into a firefight game about an hour ago.
Thanks to everyone. Changed a few settings, forced my way onto US servers and now getting regular BTB’s!