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High refresh rate monitor, Close range Studdering


So I've noticed something that I would like to make 343 aware of, I think the best way to say this is to state what may hardware is first;

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Stock
RAM: 16GB 3600mz, CAS 16
GPU: RTX 2070 Stock
Monitor: Asus PG279Q 165hz G-sync

OK so the problem that I have noticed is that when running at the 165hz with G-sync on, when any live entity like an enemy, vehicle, thrown grenade, and so on get within about 5 feet of me it will start to stutter horribly, I know its not the hardware as other games do not do it, also something of interest is that when I view a game in theater (witch is capped to 60FPS by the looks of it) if the original match, the one being viewed in theater, was during the time when the game was allowed to go to the full 165 FPS the theater replay also stutters, but if I repeat the process but with a match that was when the FPS was capped to 60 the theater replay does not stutter. so I don't know what's going on here but it is annoying to say the least...
Have you tried turning gsync off?
Have you tried turning gsync off?
Yes, then the entire game stutters, also of note, I have to play with both G-Sync and vsync on (thanks 343 for at least having proper vsync that’s not just cap to 60) or else the game stutters past 60,

Again, I know it’s not hardware, I think there is something the game is not handelibg correctly after 60hz, the NV FPS counter say as the FPS is very stable hovering around 160-165 FPS constant and things look fine with both G-Sync and v-sync enabled up to about the 5 foot mark
Something interesting, I’m in the halo 3 flights, the stutter I’ve been having is not a thing in halo 3, so it’s just an issue in CE, 2, and Reach