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[Locked] Major Bug: Playlists Reset to the First Mission

OP Gamer Bhoy 89

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I started The Master Chief Saga Playlist a couple of days ago. Finally passed Halo: CE and went straight into Halo 2. I decided to save and quit earlier today and intended on resuming later.

I hit 'Resume' (it even said "The Armory" on the Resume option) and I was, instead, presented with a loading screen showing "Halo", which is the 2nd Mission of Halo: CE - Mission 2/45, essentially.

I thought I may have made a mistake so I restarted Halo MCC and went back into the Cross-Game Playlist "The Master Chief Saga". It still allowed me to Resume Mission 12/45 (The Armory on Halo 2) and it STILL loaded up Mission 2/45.

I came to my own conclusion that there is no way for me to resume where I left off and I would be forced to start from the beginning. This has really discouraged me from even bothering to play any playlist in this Collection.

I knew this game was a mess since launch, in the form of matchmaking issues and a few bugs during single player and achievements not popping up etc. - all problems that I wasnt majorly affected by (I didnt play online much anyway and just wanted to play through the saga itself).

But now - 7 months later, I have felt the weight of it. I am completely discouraged from playing this game. This is horrible bug that I have never heard of until now, and I went to Google the issue to see if anyone had the same problem and if it has been noted by 343i AT LEAST.

I found only a handful of people with the same problem with nothing more than a couple of responses in the form of "same issue here".

No sign of the devs noting this issue down and not a sign of a fix incoming. With all the patches they have released for this game and even gifting most of us Halo 3: ODST (which I am grateful for) as compensation, they have yet to address an issue such as this.

There are so many playlists on this collection that I was planning on firing into at one point. I began with the Playlist in the form of Halo 3: ODST's entire campaign, then I decided to tackle The Master Chief Saga Playlist - 45 missions, and it broke after only 11 (10 if I include the fact it STILL skips the 343 Guilty Spark Mission and takes to you straight to The Library mission that follows it). That was enough to make me eject the disc and put the game back on the shelf where it collected dust for a few months, barely played since December.

343 Industries, address this issue. You have finally made matchmaking somewhat tolerable to play at this stage. Now focus on this playlist issue, please. It is a major part of the game I had every intention of beginning and I cant even get past 1/4 of one of them.

I was so eager. Now I am completely put off.

Halo will never be as great as it once was.
Maybe I was being melodramatic by saying I will shelf the game. I wont. I just started the Halo 2 playlist on Heroic, assuming it will work okay. (ODST worked so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt) and at least I can get other playlists done (again, assuming they dont behave like before) but this issue still needs to be addressed.
The EXACT same thing happened to me. I saved and quit as soon as you take control in The Armory last weekend. When I tried to resume last night it loaded up Halo even though the menu said it would load up Armory. Just an absolutely brutal, brutal bug. One of the worst I've ever encountered in a video game.
This happened to me as well, I loaded up the Armory and save/quit and I am now back to the second mission for CE. Mildly frustrating. Just being able to select the mission would be nice.
This has happened to me just now. after blasting through ODST like yourself i thought i would do the complete saga and get the achievement and just like you at the same point it sends me back to the halo mission on HALO:CE least to say im very disappointed. do 343 even reply to people ? or acknowledge them ? even back when halo 4 released with the problems they ignored us. I would very much like to complete the saga without having to start from the beginning and for 343 to acknowledge us as a customer and respond to let us know they know what the problem is
This happens to many playlists across the whole of MCC, there are many I've been doing on CO-OP that have done exactly the same thing, "The Legendary runners choice" on cross platform is the latest, we completed four missions Monday evening, saved and exited the game, Tuesday we tried to carry on from where we had left off, it refused to let us and would only start at the beginning of the four missions we completed on Monday, even though it showed the correct mission to resume, a whole night session wasted. We've been lucky though, we did manage to complete "The Master Chief Saga Playlist" a few weeks ago, without a problem, we're reluctant to try the other 45 mission playlist until they sort it out.
This happened to me on Halo 2 LASO playlist. We beat Cairo station after 5 and a half brutal hours and then saved when we reached outskirts. Came back to it (it showed outskirts when we clicked to resume) and it put us back at Cairo station.
Happend to me to me & a friend a couple weeks ago we played the masterchief saga playlist untill the mission Dawn and did save & quit and now it keeps saying Halo from Halo:CE but it does say we completed all missions up until dawn (also shows Dawn but after clicking resume goed to Halo)
Same thing here, this is outrageous that major bugs still persist this long after launch
Same happened to me playing playlists on H1, H2 and a cross game playlist. I feel discouraged to start ODST LASO.
I am having the exact same problem.
Just happened to me after beating the halo 1,2 and 3 on the master chief saga. Went to resume 4 and keeps bring me to halo on the first halo. But it says resume dawn. 343 fix this bs now.
I've run into similar issues, which I will note below. First, I'd like to point out that the May 30 release notes say
* Improved Stability of Co-op play in Campaign Playlists
* Improvements made to mission progression in Campaign Playlists
However, it seems that the Campaign playlists have gotten worse since the update, not better. I've seen many more complaints about playlist issues since the update than before.

Besides this thread, I have seen other reports of being thrown back to Mission 1 or 2. I have also seen reports of some not unlocking LASO achievements in co-op if not the host. I am hesitant to take on ODST LASO with these issues.

With all this, I suggest 343 undo the playlist changes of the May 30 update. It seems that playlists worked better before.

As for my own issues, playing Solo:
1. While playing Get in the Ring, I completed HCE Halo and H2 Delta Halo. At the start of H3 Halo, I did a Save/Quit and then shut down MCC. When I started MCC back up, I could only Resume on Mission 1: HCE Halo. However, the playlist said I had completed 2/3 missions. On the playlist menu, the tile for H3 Halo was showing, but resuming there also took me to HCE Halo.
2. While playing Freedom of Flight, I did a Save/Quit at a checkpoint during Two Betrayals. I left MCC running due to the issues I had before. When I resumed, I was back at the beginning of Two Betrayals instead of the checkpoint.
Add me to the list ... had the exact same problem as OP yesterday. Went ahead and restarted the playlist but now that I see other people are having the same issues with this and other playlists, doesn't seem to be much point to continue playing.
I want to say this is beyond frustrating but given all the issues MCC has had since launch, it's more disappointing and sad than anything ...
Same here.

I've also noticed that if they release a content update it will reset your play through a playlist.
Not played since the May 30 update nuked my playlist, was half way through h2 and ended up back at first mission of h:ce.
its on record where I was on the playlist. Why at the very least do we not have an option to resume at the last completed playlist mission if they can't fix the nuked checkpoints...

Would be a hell of a lot better that starting from scratch which I have no desire to do.
I'm getting the same problem myself right now, I thought I must have somehow entered a different playlists but after another four attempts I know it's a bug as well, which sucks...
same problem here ....
waiting for bugfix ...
Still happening ... either fix this issue or add the ability to select missions
Same problem here. Made it all the way to Halo 4. Went to return to the playlist today and it wants to send me back to Halo: CE, Mission 2... Frustrating cant even come close to explaining how I feel. I'm fairly new to these forums. What is the purpose of having forums for the community to express concerns if the original post was over a month ago and nothing has changed? Like I said, fairly new, is this more or less the kind of response I should expect?
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