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Major Bug: Playlists Reset to the First Mission

OP Gamer Bhoy 89

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Same issue years later, no fix?
Sounds like the usual.
I'm just glad I found out about this before I got too invested in a longer playlist. I was playing the Flooded cross-game playlist (which has Gravemind for some reason (why?)), and started the H3 mission Floodgate. I quit out before the title card (It Followed Me Home) faded away and got booted back to 343 Guilty Spark. My condolences to all those who were doing Master Chief playlists. Hopefully this issue will get addressed in the big 2018 update, which may or may not be only multiplayer anyway. We can hope, though. I found it odd how rare every MCC achievement was, surely more people got them? Now I understand why.
Same issue years later, no fix?
at this point, 343 doesn't care one bit about MCC
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Yeah, I have the same problem too and it is very annoying.
Almost 3 years later and we still have the same problem, does 343 insdustries worry about our issues with their games?, i'm not going to post it here but i also have another problem in another recently game and is going to be a month without answer, i don't feel angry i feel disappointed.
Finally got an Xbox One this week and was hoping that would be enough time for 343 to fix this game but no. It's pretty much killed my enthusiasm in going for all the other achievements. Was so looking forward to the challenge of the LASO playlists as well.
Made it all the way to mission 2 of Halo 4. Went to hop back into the list, keeps booting up misson 2 of CE. So effing let down...
Bought a digital code for this game about a year ago. Finally got around to playing it a couple weeks ago. Same thing happened to me, almost 3 years later.
Christ, wish I would have checked this thread. Finished Halo c.e. last night on Master Chief saga , saved at the armory on Halo 2 and went to sleep. Awake this morning to find my save file is glitched. Starts me on Halo CE :halo. Talk about having the wind knocked out of your sails... It's a shame how this game has been so slow to be updated and or fixed. Hell,co-op over xbl legendary playthrough on Halo 2 is impossible to get past Regret. Every time we get to the end where you fight regret, the game freezes. Usually after a few good punches to his chin. So incredibly disappointing. Sigh
Add me to the long long list of players who are being simply ignored by 343!.

How, after so many YEARS have we not even gotten a reply or confirmation that they are aware of this bug!. Seems a case of they have our money and now they turn a blind eye to us.

It's not as if we are asking for much, we just want to be able play a feature of the game that has been added and keeps the game playable years after release, poor show 343 :/
I had this issue on two smaller size playlists in the last couple days. Specifically in cross-game playlists. Hadn't had the issue in any single-game playlists before this.

Anyway, had the issue, googled to see what was up, found this thread, and now I just wanna add my voice to the "I'm having this issue and why the hell is there still no fix?" chorus.

Honestly, certain playlists don't make a lot of sense. Like, I've beaten all campaigns on Heroic, and two on Legendary. No skulls. I feel like this should automatically mark the relevant heroic and legendary playlists as complete. (Not that I feel like that's a huge issue. Just a thought.)
Just got the same bug. Me and my son have reached Dawn and just tried resuming only to be met with the loading screen for level 2.

It's been three years since this was reported and still no fix? You should be embarrassed.
For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with MCC news, the flighting program for bug fixes has just kicked off. There are a few development blogs already where things like this have been mentioned, worth having a read over.

You can find the dev blogs here:

If you are interesting in helping to test out any of these bug fixes, you should consider joining the Insider Program
The same thing has just happened to me. I've been working on The Master Chief saga playlist for a few months, got up to Dawn on Halo 4, and now resuming loads up Halo on Halo CE.

So that's three full game playthroughs wasted. I don't even really enjoy them on normal either, it's too easy, so it was a bit of a chore. I imagine this bug would be brutal if it happened on a legendary or LASO playthrough though.
Exact same thing happened to me on exact same halo 4 level. What a grind, all for nothing.
Happened to me and a buddy back in January. Wrapped up on Dawn in Halo 4, says we left off on Dawn, but it boots up Halo in Halo CE. We haven't touched the playlist since out of frustration.
made it to the Halo 3 portion of the "Flooded" Cross-Game playlist
Still not fixed
So how do we get these idiots to listen, forums never get checked....
Got the big update, hoping for this to be fixed so I can continue my play of the Master Chief Saga playlist.


Been waiting to finish this for a few years now...
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