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[Locked] Matchmaking Search Times Reports

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this game is so broke, i keep being put in 3v4 and 4v1 matches... give us a reason to buy halo 5 is this is the type of content being put out now a days.
Write Phil Spenser...

I have sent numerous messages voicing my displeasure on Twitter...and encouraging everyone on twitter to do so..

Nat type open
Searching alone
All game types
Current wait 1 hour as i got two matches but now none at all (?_?).
Open NAT
Searching alone
I found a game in Halo 2 Classic playlist searching under four minutes. After the game finished I stayed and the same group of people rematched for another game of h2 classic. I stayed again and this time the gametype/map choices were generated from the Team Slayer playlist. It had halo CE, and h2A choices.
Game froze post game once today. (infinite loading screen)
While searching I hit game carnage report (y button) and game made buzzing noise and reset automatically.
Most of the games were 3 vs 4, or 5 vs 4. uneven teams..
boy oh boy....after reading all the comments since last night, FB and twitter.....I am really beginning to wonder if 343 even had the right people on this game..

Lets face it, there isn't even base functionality in this game. They are making DICE and EA look like effing geniuses.

Seeing how MS is a software, network and server company,,,this has me a little worried for the future...
Nat type open
all playlists

I have been patient up to this point. The update seemed to have made it worse. I haven't been able to get into a game since about 9:15 last night. I have been defending this launch all week but when your update makes it worse I can't say a lot to make it better.
TIP, and it it still shows moderate or closed after this, when it goes back to continue hit the buttons again, and again until it shows open..
Nat: Moderate
Search: Alone
Game Type: Halo 2 Ranking

Well...this sucks. No point in playing a game that technically doesn't work. Even in Halo C.E edition the aiming hud seems to go away whenever I melee a villain in Campaign Mode at times. Multiplayer matchmaking is the worse though. Gamer Tags on my friends list who are playing at the same time I am disappear and later show up again. So much B.S in this game. Even devoted Halo Fans like myself lose interest at some point in time. 343, keep us intact, but at the same time don't keep us hanging on that last thin thread we committed fans call, "DEVOTION".
This morning matchmaking has been going really well! I have gotten into multiple lobbies, two of which were full, and both of the full lobbies allowed smooth transition into the next match.
That good I he to reinstall the game for some reason
hey I hit lvl 13 and since then I've been placed in multiple 5v3 situations and was wondering if there was going to be a ranking reset? These servers are atrocious i feel nerfed lol
NAT: Open
Static IP set in NIC and IP as part of a DMZ in router.
Ethernet connection.

All playlists.
Wait times are from 10 - 15 minuets.

When I do get a game, 1/3 times the game will crash to dashboard.
I tested this again.
WiFi connection this time.
Dynamic IP.
Confirmed able to find some matches!
It seems this update made things worse also for me.

Last night I tried to play TS with a friend and was unable to find 1 game after searching for 20-30 minutes. At a certain point it will boot us both from the party and make it seem like its searching for us a game, individually. I searched for over 1.5 hours last night by myself and was able to find 2 games. I also noticed a bug with viewing the previous carnage report.

If you play a game and then shut down your xbox, do not open the previous carnage report once you begin to search for a new matchmaking game. This will cause the game to freeze

343 I have been extremely patient up to this point but it is beginning to appear that you have indeed shipped a defective product. I was one of the people encouraging others to be patient, its getting a bit ridiculous now. This needs to be fixed soon or I will never purchase or endorse another 343 product.
I've managed only 4 games of MP. Different playlists.

NAT: Open

Party: Solo

Playlist: All

Search times counted in hours.

Very disappointed, love halo. It was the reason I first got an xbox back when it first came out. Favourite MP game of all time. Worst gaming experience ever now, gutted!

Please. please. please fix. I'm begging you.

Is there anything we fans can do to help?
9:30 Am East Coast NJ saturday

Open nat

party of One

Just did a 4 minute search on every playlist...HALO 3 would not even land me in a Lobby..

NO GAMES FOUND! This is the result of updates? Does ANYONE at 343 even have a clue how to fix this game?...Obviously not since NO ONE there has the brains to even get basic functionally out of it 5 days in...

ANYONE who defends this company and is not outraged well, all I have to say is..

Are you 'tarded, or just plain stupid?
One game since launch. Returning your broken product and i will NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT AS LONG AS 343 RUN HALO. A BIG -Yoink- YOU TO YOU 343 FOR USING US AS A BETA. GO TO -Yoinking!- HELL.
searching alone
ALL playlist

still cant find match
9:44 EST Michigan

Open NAT

Searched Alone

Halo 2 Classic

Found a game....and it took 5-10 minutes (too long) but still only finding small matches of 3v3 or 3v2 or 2v2

Goodness these servers should have been thoroughly tested before launch! And also there should be more game modes Infection, Ricochet, Assault, Oddball, Juggernaut, King of the Hill.....why was there no server problems with Halo 4 on launch, but there is server problems with this new game....I don't know if I can defend this company's errors any longer. I have only played 10 matches in the 5 days of the game so far. Ridiculous! I have searched for matches 50-100 times so I only find a match like 10-20% of the time. I don't like HAVING to play custom games with only a few friends and playing forge all the time. We want matchmaking to work, and we want new playlists!!!!!
What is your NAT type? - Strict (Out of my control, I live in dorms)
Were you searching alone or in a party? How many were in the party? - Alone
Which playlists were you searching in? - Any playlist

Played 3 full games since launch. Gotten into a few other games but they almost always result in me getting lagged out of the match during the first first few minutes. Constantly met with "Your connection to the host has failed" and "The game you tried to join is full" messages whilst searching for games in Matchmaking. Absolutely ridiculous.
Latest update made it harder to find games when you are searching with friends. When we do find a game and after it we all need to restart the game to be able to join eachother again.. 343 you cant be serious with not resolving all these problems before this weekend is over. Considering getting better at coding?
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