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[Locked] Matchmaking Search Times Reports

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It was relatively unpredictable but it was between 10 to 40 minutes sometimes a lot longer or shorter.

What is your NAT type?
-My NAT type is open.

Were you searching alone or in a party? How many were in the party?
-Searching alone.

Which playlists were you searching in?
- Halo 2: Anniversary and Team Slayer
Open Nat type
searching alone and with 1-2 friends
halo 2 anniversary team slayer and halo 3

1. I am playing about a game an hour.
2. after the game is complete I usually have to restart the game because it freezes on a loading screen also.
3. It Disconnects everyone who is in my party
4. The game puts us on opposite teams

I know 343 is working hard but if I do search woth friends I wish to stay with them and wish to be on the same team.
When I can get in a game it's awesome and fun... Trick is getting in a game... Last night got in a game and map was voted and right before we go into the game everyone dropped off and I was alone in the lobby with the game frozen on getting ready to launch. Another thing that has been happening is while I wait and my controller disconnects and I reconnect it the "reconnect control message" stays on the screen I can still manipulate through the menus it just stays superimposed on the screen... Similar thing happened when I was browsing my career stats whilst waiting for a multiplayer game to load. It superimposed the career menu over everything.
Desde el dia 11 solo he jugado 2 partidas, estoy arto. Los logros no funcionan bien, el doblaje de halo 2 no es completo no te enteras de lo que tienes que hacer. Desde la ultima actualización no encuentra ninguna partida. Estoy muy muy enfadado.
Very disappointed.......... I have only been able to play 5 games since launch and still searching now for at least 15 minutes

Provider - Comcast

NAT - Open

Searching - Alone

Different Game Types

I have not been able to join up with anyone. 1 friend has a restricted NAT so I understand that but another friend has an open NAT

Another thing that I have noticed is that on some searches, under my name in the in lobby tab, it doesn't always show the other 9 available slots as searching. It doesn't show them at all. Not really sure if this matters or not but now you know.
NAT: Open
Searching: Alone
Playlist: H2 A
Still broken
wow..a ray of sunshine.

after an hour of not finding any games...I actually got in to a BTb game and played 3 in a row...with balanced teams no less...

Location NJ

open NAT


Me pasa igual que Akangel ESP, el matchmaking no carga, si carga demora entre 15 y 20 minutos para encontrar una partida, el juego se tilda de la nada, a veces no puedes ver ni los amigos que están en línea. En Colombia estamos a la espera de una solución lo más pronto posible.

I use two different Internet connections with different NAT settings.

Set Up 1:

NAT: Strict

Searching: Alone or Partied up with three friends

Playlist: Every game mode with little to no luck.

Set Up 2:

NAT: Moderate

Searching: Alone or Partied up with three friends

Playlist: All modes with little to no results.

My NAT settings will vary from Strict to Moderate. I've never had an Open NAT but that has not stopped me from enjoying all xbox live features and online gaming in other games on the 360 and Xbox One. The wait times are vigorous and once you get a game, your entire party is split up or kicked out of the party. Im wasting my entire evenings trying to play online with my friends when I could be playing other games. We want to play Halo but we can't. I bought this game mainly for the multiplayer. Please fix this ASAP, I would hate to return my Halo. I convinced several friends and relatives to purchase an Xbox One and Halo since they have not upgraded to a new system yet.
putting my party on opposite teams seams to have gotten worse 9 out of 10 times when i am in a 2 person party we get put on opposite teams , please fix?
Getting better and better as time goes on, having no problems searching Halo 3.
Any body want to join customs just msg me o LA FLARE o
Post patch, can't find any game

Nat open
Primary playlist - team slayer

After several minutes a message pops up:

your connection to the host failed, please try again
Pues nada, una tarde mas buscando partida y nada no hay forma, he leído que actualizareis y tendréis arreglado esto para la próxima semana, gracias por nada 343.
can get games but keeps splitting me up from my team why ?
It's still as bad as it was at launch.

NAT Open.
1-4 in party, same results
Tried all playlists.

Takes about 15-40 minutes to find a session, when it does it finds 5-7 players instantly, so something is messed up.

Additional information:
250 Mbit/s up 100 Mbit/s down connection. Only game installed on a 4 day old Xbox One. Gold active, account it good standing.

Here's a thought; foresee the amount of traffic on your servers by Counting the amount of shipped copies of the game (I know - crazy, but it Works!)
You know this game is now really really bad. This sucks, i am no longer getting in too games from when i got into games after 10 minute waits but now it says something like: Session is full please try again or Matchmaking failed could not connect. Please try matching again. This is so frinking terrible WTF 343 i have no hope for you anymore when making halo 5! How do you expect to release a beta when you are having problems like this!!! Also the campaign is broken!!! I am getting so pissed that i have to restart a mission because every time i try to resume a campaign mission the game crashes. Also when i had my friends over on a split screen we got put on too different teams!! WTH! You suck 343 so bad... Nat: Moderate, Searching alone, Team Slayer... I can't believe 343 could even consider them selves game developers if they can't even make decent matchmaking connections...
64$ and i cant play multiplayer its pathetic


playlist: Everyone and still cant find a game

searching. Alone this suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Just search Halo 3, It's working fine.
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