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[Locked] Matchmaking Search Times Reports

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The patch has not helped much it is still a very long wait to get a match on the RARE occasion I get one. The lobby gets reset after EVERY match then wait another 20 min after backing out of lobbies 5 or 6 times. Screen goes black at beginning of matches still putting party members on diff teams OFTEN not the rare like they said. I know getting a big thing like this to release is prob really tough but destiny is a massive game and the launch on that was very smooth with a small amount of issues which were resolved quickly. Halo is the biggest reason I got an xbox like so many other people and microsoft keeps dropping the ball. I kmow mistakes happen but the more I dig around the game and channel to see diff features the more bugs I find the more it bothers me that this could have been released this way. The game is a big glitch and dont even try the halo channel to watch anything. That thing prob should just get trashed. In Bungie we trust. I may try halo again with the 5 beta but im guessing back to destiny like a lot of other folks. At least bungie can give us a game we can play.
What is your NAT type?

Were you searching alone or in a party?
Party size 1

Which playlists were you searching in?
All Playlists effected
Campaña del halo 4, no se puede unir ningún amigo directamente, hay que salir y unirse todos otra ve, de verguenza..
Matchmaking slow
Nat Type: Open
Party Size: 3
Playlist effected: All
Just had 4hours of flawless custom games. Inbetween games we try'd matchmaking and didn't get a Single Match. And this is With the update
NAT Type: Open


Halo 3

I was waiting in a lobby for a half hour
The game would work better if you -Yoinks!- who actually got into a game didnt -Yoinking!- rage quit cause your losing. Im sick have the lopsided games cause people losing and quit mid game. The games need to go all the way through so 343 has a better chance of finding and fixing stuff
Bug: Game crashed after I clicked party details in roster..
I find the matchmaking becomes almost unavailable in the morning with the low population.
Hey 343. Still having connection problems nat open 60 down 11 up matchmaking times vary from a few minutes to 15 minutes also when game ends my game freezes on me at the loading screen right before you get to the stats sscreen. Hope this helps I can not wait till you guys get this all sorted out when I'm able to get matches it brings back so many memories for me and my friends who have been playing halo since day one keep up the good work and I know you guys will get this game running like it should. Also ppl have faith this game is huge and there is thousands if not millions of code that they have to go through just to find the one code that is -Yoinking!- this all up just relax play some customs we still have that guys come on let 343 do there job and we will do ours by helping the game devs and engineers where and when we can.
Hey Guys,

10-30 minute wait (nat type unknown, internet runs through my apartment provider in japan, no router just a plug in the wall)
alone with halo 4 big team Battle,
In a future update hopefully we get match making for just halo 4 maps. :)

Also have gotten "your connection to the host failed, please try again" a few times and a black screen with 'untrackable content' message in top left corner in red, requiring a console reset.
menu's overlapping each other requiring game reset
and my achievement descriptions come up in japanese on my console and on waypoint, whereas my xbox 360 halo 4 achievements are in english

NAT: Open

Ping: 14

Download: 41

Upload: 4

Location: U.K

Playlist: H2A

Party size: 2 - when backing out to restart search party gets split up, have to quit halo and re launch to allow us to join back.

Game 1: 3 min search time 4v3

Game 2: 8 mins no game, restared search.

Game 3: 1 min 20 seconds 4v3 + 1 guest

Game 4: 4 min 15 seconds restarted search

Game 5: 5 mins turned off xbox.
Managed to get three games earlier one after the other with a wait of no more than around 3 mins on Halo 3 Playlist. Kept booting at the end of the game though but i can live with that as otherwise the gameplay was stable with the exception of the voice over which was none existent (double kill, triple kill etc...) This is a marked improvement from last night when i could not even get a multiplayer game hopefully the improvements will continue.
Do anybody know when they are searching for a game with more than one friend, the non party leader be in that "bad state" while the party leader be in the "good state"? Has it always been like that ?
What is your NAT type?

Were you searching alone or in a party? How many were in the party?

Which playlists were you searching in?
All of them.

Average wait time 7+ minutes on a good run.
NAT type--open
playlist --- all

I have only played 2 games since launch the wait is ridiculous 24 minutes and 19 minutes even after the playlist was reduced.
What is your NAT type? Open
Were you searching alone or in a party? How many were in the party? Alone / 2 players / 3 players
Which playlists were you searching in? Halo 2 Anniversary, Team Slayer, Halo 2 Classic

I have not been able to find a single match in the H2A playlist at all, regardless of party size. Team slayer usually takes between 3-4 minutes, and usually drops players until it is 3v4.

Team Slayer seems to have the best luck so far.
Nat: Open
Centurylink DSL 50 down 20 up
Any playlist, even cant seem to join custom games (it says im in the game session, but when I join I seem to just sit on the menu still/or it will say the game is full.
Since launch, playing every day there are days where I will try for hours waiting and backing out and waiting again with no games.
Probably played about 10 games so far, and not a single one had balanced number of team-mates, a full any way resembled what I would expect in a 'good' multiplayer experience thus far.
If anything I've been having more trouble finding games since the back-end fixes came into place.
Team slayer

Waits are insanely long. Then when I get a game it hangs at the countdown for ten minutes.
Well i must today has been the first time i have been able to find back to back games within seconds of launching

Party of 2

Nat open

Playlists team slayer, classic halo and H2A.

Have not tried the rest.

Still some issues with searching not showing on right hand side but its still finding gmes
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