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[Locked] Matchmaking Search Times Reports

OP Forum Team

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NAT: Open

1 player

all game types.

30min - 1 hour

There will be another update at 5pm PST (12/11/2014). Hopefully this will fix the outrageous wait times and disconnects.
yep - 30 mins still no match.
Nat is Open, searching alone. Searching for Team Slayer.
Any way we can get an indication on how many players are logged in, and how many are in each game type as we scroll through the Game Types?
Nat open

All playlists

Searching solo

I got in 2 games in the past 3 hours and it was very sick and awesome, but I sucked and felt like I was getting the hang of it again when game over happened. Then have to wait another hour for a new match. :( very sad last too days
Nat open
every playlist
22 games in 3 days....
This "update" you supposedly sent out is making match waiting times longer you scrubs. Very, very disappointed. Wasting everyone's valuable time and money. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you guys go bankrupt and take as much time finding new jobs as the Halo community has taken on waiting on games.


343 are bks
40 minutes with no game now... I've restarted matchmaking, the game, and my xbox multiple times.

Open NAT // Alone // H2A, H2C, Team Slayer, Halo 3

This is WAY worse than before this afternoon's update.
Nat type: Open
Players: 1
Playlist: Team Halo 2 Anniversary (the ranked playlist)

I've played 9 games today (9am - 5:35pm). I wait about 20-30 minutes in between games when attempting to search. I only search for about 3 minutes at a time though. Backing out and restarting the search as you guys suggested. Still having issues even now though. Also, my region is Midwest. Utah to be exact. I hope this information helps. And I know of two others that have the same issue. One in Utah and the other in Washington.
Smh smh. Had problems yesterday, come home again today from work. Still no go. Come on 343. Smh. Just sitting here right this minute waiting: 6:38pm Wednesday 11/12/14

nat: open
party: alone
map: all options
Opened NAT
Searching for 20 mins party of 3
Team Hardcore
Says 3/10 WHY!? its supposed to be 4v4 any ways.
Still no luck searching
Tried searching by my self no luck either
We've been experiencing many issues in the loading screen and loading menus. It boots us out and we have to reboot the game. We are in a single party on Halo, who of which is StrawberryLouis as well as Deathinjection2 and an Xbox live with the two same gamer tags above. Please fix ASAP
Nat open
Halo 2 : Anniversary Rumble ( Only playlist that is playable consistently for me --Less wait time-- )

Team Halo 2 : Anniversary (I got into few games but get 3v4 or 4v3s most of the time)

Halo 2 Classic ( No matches found or takes alot of time)

Halo 3 ( No matches found )

also game freezes when some matches end so I'm forced to restart the game from dashboard.
Nat Type: Strict (Tried everything in my power to get this to open but it's too technical for me)
Searching alone

I've managed to play a few games, yesterday I had more luck with my searches, but as for tonight I've managed to get into a single game.

Also just to let you know. Whenever I finish a game I have to go back and search for another party again, whereas in other playlists it lets you stay in the party you've found to continue playing.

Good luck with the fix, hope it's soon.
What is your NAT type? (Xbox One dashboard -> Settings -> Network -> NAT type) OPEN
Were you searching alone or in a party? How many were in the party? Alone sometimes in a party when it allows us to join up and play together.
Which playlists were you searching in? All of them.

I've gotten into a few games, but then the game will crash and I can't get into another one after that.
Just letting you know 343 the update did not work and I still have long wait times. Please fix this I thought it was supposed to be fixed today. I am very disappointed. I even went to the midnight release only to wait 4 hours for the game to instal and not be able to play online matchmaking. I hope this is fixed soon.
NAT - Open
Searching Alone

After 10 minutes, got onto a big team battle game. It played out fine, but clearly had a problem when the game ended and booted everyone. Have been trying to connect to multiple playlists for 30 minutes since then. Can't find a single person in a lobby.
It's become apparent that whatever "fix" they applied today has completely broken matchmaking, further proving how clueless they really are about this whole thing... I'm taking the game back if it's not fixed by tonight. You don't deserve my money, 343. Think I'll buy the new Call of Duty instead.
Worst Halo launch to date. Massively regretting downloading this game! No returns for me ...
Been waiting over an hour for a match and still can't find one
1. NAT: open
2. Searching Alone (once with party, but same result)
3. Every single playlist takes over 30 minutes
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