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[Locked] Matchmaking Search Times Reports

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Add me for customs IGo3ven
Gaindalf wrote:
Well anyone interested in playing together when this finally is resolved my gamertag is Able HD just send me a message to add u and i will. And ive even been having problems with call of duty so we cant put all the blame on 343 cuz Xbox one is suppose to have 500,000 dedicated servers and what good are they doing everyone right now?...
Able HD
Add me bra
custom game inv pls ? n1njah4x
Still having problems
Searching: Solo
Nat Type: Open
Just booted up TMCC again. Have been waiting 30 min for a game.
Nat is open

searching alone

all playlists

still can't get into a match
Send me a message if you wanna play custom games!!
Nat: Open
Searching Alone
Halo Championship, Team Slayer, Halo 2 Classic, Team Hardcore, SWAT
Been searching for quite a while and have yet to find a match through matchmaking. I found one earlier today (~11am EST) in SWAT but it was 2v3 so the team of 2 quit.
Custom invite plz..
Nat Open
Solo Search
Big Team

4 hours. Not a single game.
I'm game for H2 custom. Add or send me an invite: SLVR BB6

NAT - open
party size - 1,3,5

any playlist
What is your NAT type? (Xbox One dashboard -> Settings -> Network -> NAT type)- OPEN
Were you searching alone or in a party? How many were in the party? - Party, 3 total
Which playlists were you searching in? Team Slayer Halo 2 Anniversary
NAT TYPE: open
playing alone and with friends
every playlist

search times 15-20minutes
Nat type- strict (but this have never given me an issue going games before)
party- alone
game type- all

Haven't got a single game yet...

even customs are laggy/glitchy/freeze up
I am still having the same problems, this honestly should be fixed by now. Come on Halo
Invite me for customs. GT- lol DooM
Invite me gt:Crank ThatODST
Watch... it will start working on my birthday which is saturday... but im turning 21 so ill prolly be too drunk to play xD
I was able to find matches here and there or a couple of days but for the past two hours, haven't been able to find a match.

nat type open
party alone

playlist most of them
Nat type: Open
Party: Alone
Playlist: Halo 3, Team Slayer

Can't get anything. Game keeps crashing me to Home screen.
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