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[Locked] Matchmaking Search Times Reports

OP Forum Team

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Just found a game
Custom invites Or Campaign GT is ETCswawRET
Add me for customs as well. Been trying to enter MM put haven't been able to get a match at all.

GT: MovedCheapoman
Was working better then something happened and can't find a match or friends. U.S KY
Searching for 30+ minutes
no matches for any of the playlists
Nat type is open
searching alon
please help
Still no luck with matchmaking...this is crazy...I almost wish Bungie kept Halo's rights...
I have a game going right now in custom games but it wont let me invite people? and i have no clue how to change teams in lobby XD
I know you are investigating the problem, but I've tried all playlists you offer and I still rarely get matched up after your server updates. I've played solo and with 2-3 friends in a party and it still is rough wait times. Also- you asked us to back out and re-search for a multiplayer game. Well, when I do that with a friend in my lobby, it kicks them out of my lobby/grouping and they have to rejoin me every time we redo the process. How did you screw that up? Why is this the worst multiplayer game lobby out of all the halos ever? You just combine all halos and then put out a junky game lobby? I kinda want my money back only because I'm already bored with halo now... I won't be buying halo 5 till the price drops and you work out some kinks.

What is your NAT type? (Xbox One dashboard -> Settings -> Network -> NAT type) OPEN as it should be.
Were you searching alone or in a party? How many were in the party? Alone and in a party 2-4
Which playlists were you searching in? All
NAT Type: Open
Playlist: All
Party Size:1-3
Search Time:15+ minutes

Search time varies but I have let it run up to about 30 minutes and it will either find nothing or stop with the message, "Your connection to the host has failed, please try again."
I'm Trying to play some customs
Inv Lord dilla
whatever "fix" has been applied has made matchmaking matters much worse for me. just putting that out there.
Let me just put this out there.

There are a lot of fans out there who are frustrated about this issue (I'm one of them). I've seen posts saying that 343i have ruined Halo or that they will never play this again. This stuff happens all the time and you know this, give these guys credit for trying to fix the problem. 343i is just as frustrated as we are, you think they wanted this to happen???? give them a break geesh because you know that once this is all fixed, those of you that said you won't ever played this again will be on right away.

Thanks 343i

This guy gets it! You people complain like there's no tomorrow and like they are not trying to fix it! I took off work too, I'm bumbed but I instead took the gf out, it's just a game, there's more to do with your day off. relax, turn off your Xbox give them time to fix it, without absolutely hammering the servers, and it will probably be up quicker! Settle the hell down

Bump that junk. I have bills to pay and mouths to feed. I took two days off work that I have waited months for and had my buddy stay the night with all of his equipment. If this developer claims to release a game on claims and assumption that it'll be fine only for it to fall on its face then we CONSUMERS deserve some sort of COMPENSATION for this slip up. I have NEVER in my life expected this out of a halo game no less. I expect this out of EA. I understand its 4 games in one. I understand the stress that these servers will be up against in the coming months but someone had to see this coming and prepared for it. Unacceptable. Fix it faster 343. For the love of god.
So do a lot of people here, but you shouldn't be complaining about mouths to feed..... If you can't afford to take 2 days to do nothing, you probably shouldn't be taking those days off to play halo, Or use a vacation day...
Nat: Moderate
Searching With Party of 2, mostly alone.
All Playlists
Custom games don't even work wtf
Why the hell isn't it letting me watch Nightfall?
Nat: Open
All playlists

Searching alone
  1. What is your NAT type: Open
  2. Were you searching alone or in a party? Alone
  3. How many were in the party? 1
  4. Which playlists were you searching in? Halo 3, Team Slayer
  5. Ports Forwarded: 53, 80, 88, 500, 1863, 3074, 3075, 3544, 4500, 16000
  6. Location: Australia, Tasmania
  7. Time to find a game yesterday: 10 - 20 minutes
  8. Time to find a game today: No game found yet
Feel free to contact me for more information
Just gets better... just got a custom lobby goin and started it on Slayer Br's.... get into the game its freaking CTF?! CTF?!!!!!!!! I didnt even remotely choose that! ugh am i wanting to headbutt a wall right now >:(
Nat type open
Anywhere from alone to with 3 others
All play lists.

Also custom games keep failing or black screening, causing the entire game to freeze. Unable to join players or send invites. Halo 3 single player keeps freezing, etc etc. I could go on all day. Finding games easily takes on average 30 mins
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