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[Locked] Matchmaking Search Times Reports

OP Forum Team

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Takes 10 mins at least to find a match every time, if it even works at all... When I do find a game I get to play one match and then get stuck in lobby. This has been consistently happening with no difference after the updates so far
instead of complaining on here, add LiL Lav3 for customs preferably H2A 2s 4s & FFAs. Looking for decent players, no scrubs please! anyways we might as well play customs until the games fixed...
Nat type - open
searching alone
Team slayer, swat, halo 4, rumble.

All your server side updates are not helping one bit, was playing with 5 minute waits last night, now 2 games within 8 hours. Let the fans know if you what your trying to fix and what you will break in the process.
At one point i had a game finally loading and my Xbox One freaking restarted by itself.... FAIL.... this is ridiculous.
Until this is fixed if anyone wants add "halo 3 suckks". we play halo 2 midship and lockout ffa. Good players. Also trying tower of power and other good halo 2 custom games
All right, here it is.
  • Open NAT
  • I've search both alone and in a party of another two people. The results were similar.
  • I've search in Team Halo 2 Anniversary, Big Team Battle, Team Slayer and Halo 2 Classic. So far I've only been able to find a game on Team Halo 2 Anniversary.
Why do i end up on opposite teams when search in matchmaking with my friend?
NAT type is Strict
searching with me and one other
we were successful earlier for a short period of time in halo 2 anniversary.
im searching alone now and having zero success.
Ive tried all game types.
Finding games is much better now. I usually find a game within 5 minutes. Some things I have come across are:

- The roster messes up sometimes when starting the search.
- Mostly after a Swat match the game freezes on the loading screen (I did have a guest on at those times)
- Very few instances I start the game and whenever I would strafe right or left the game was making the sound like I was flipping through the menu(my guess is that it was somehow still tied to the voting screen??)
- Rarely do I get partnered with my guest
- Teams are usually unbalanced (4v3 and so on, sometimes even 5v2)

Other than those problems, the game has run pretty solid. Thanks for the speedy updates and hard work.
Slightly unrelated to matchmaking times, however, last night I searched for a game in the Halo 4 playlist which ended up setting up The Pit from Halo 3.
From Australia. Have tried for hours to find a match. Is this some kind of sick joke!?
Nat open
Player me
game type halo 4

I have to mention: i havent read this problem anywhere else but i was matched with 11 players earlier today on a team slayer halo 4 map. When the map loaded i was the only player. I quit the game, but before that it said victory.

I have successfully played maybe 25-30 mp games and i have more luck getting matched for halo 4 maps than any other halo versions. Additionally, halo 4 match making wait times seem to be better than other versions. Average time to be matched in halo 4 is 3-10 minutes.
still waiting... 3 hours without a successful match.
Party of 6 people attempting to play big team battle waited for 5 hours total since release date altogether an have not found a single match. We are all frustrated contemplating selling MCC for GTA 5 on tuesday. Unnacceptable we not only deserve better but but free map packs.
Open Nat
Searched both alone and in a party of 2
Searched Halo 4, Anniversary Slayer, H2 Classic, and Team Slayer
NAT Type: Open
Alone and party with 2/3 buddies
Playlits: H2/H2A/H3/H4

Taking forever... :(
Latest hotfix seems to have made a difference with these findings

-finding a game every 3-6 minutes
-crazy teams (played a 3 vs 5 Vs 1 team slayer game on Halo 3 Narrows, which my team of 3 won ;)
-some matches freeze my game or boot me out of game in first few seconds
Nat is open
party of one
trying to play team slayer
takeing a long time to find a match
I am finally getting games in Big Team Battle!! I had so much fun on Sidewinder and Zanzibar.. but then I was about to load Headlong when I lost connection to the host >.<

PS: there was also an issue where we could hear someone on the other team the entire game.
I've been searching:
Alone, with 2 people, with 4 people, regardless it's taking over 5 minutes to find a match.

My NAT is open

I've been searching in Halo 2 classic, H2A playlists, and Team Slayer
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