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MCC Community Bug List UPDATED 9/7/15

OP Prolific

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I can't play " Find Game" with more than one player in my lobby.
The game says: "One or more players are not ready for matchmaking"
And its not just me almost all of my friends. -.-
Last night (12/26) I experienced significant wait times in H2A matchmaking. While waiting to connect to players, the lobby would switch from 10 players to 16, even though I was still in the H2A 5v5. I had to restart matchmaking several times, and just leaving matchmaking took five minutes to bring me back to the find game screen.

There were also times I would be searching for a game in H2A and load into a Halo CE custom game with people I didn't know.

Ranks are still resetting, too. I was a rank four in one match and went back to a lvl one in the next match.
In team slayer mm, after you die you get stuck on the respawn counter at 4 seconds and it doesn't count down. You just sit there at 4 seconds.
I have experienced this issue as well in Halo 2 Classic.

Bug List Updated 12/27

I have experienced some problems with button mapping in Halo 2 anniversary multiplayer.
I choose a specific configuration of buttons (quick inches - pouces rapides in french version). In this mode, i should be able to crouch with left inch, zoom with B and fight with the gun with right inch) but in reality, this is not working, it's impossible to crouch with left inch and the zoom is on RB...

I use a french version of the game on a french console but the bug was also reported with an other user on UK versions.

please could you confirm this bug and add it to the todo list ?
It still takes forever to find a match. I have been waiting for about half an hour and nothing. When I am finally able to join a lobby, at the end of the game it kicks me out and I have to wait another half hour. Seriously 343, it's been a month and I want to play the game I paid for.
Halo 4 Multiplayer War games
1. After match, goes to roster screen and hangs there.
2. Once we exited out and went back into the game setup screen, no players were able to change their teams, despite that option being on in all areas.

Halo 4 Spartan Ops
Can try to start mission with 3 players and after an initial mission load screen, it then gives you the main load screen and kicks you back to the menu.

When you consider the amount of time to install and update the game, the number of problems with this is horrendous.
Sorry to put it like this but it is how I feel, 343 get your #*%! together.
H2A Custom Games
  • Constant game crashes and freezes with 16 players
  • Random Map object despawns on 2nd to 3rd round
  • Games crashes with and without disc
whenever i press find game a message pops up saying awaiting privileges
The getting kicked back to choose playlist screen after a match instead of continuing to search for a match is ridiculous. Shouldn't they have if fixed by now to work like halo games ALWAYS have and continue matchmaking after a match instead of resetting. It actually should have been fixed before release. But.
Playing Swat on Halo 2 Original can be unbarable because you will spawn in the line of fire. This can sometimes be an advantage too but the game should not be spawning so poorly.
Chat won't work at all in any matchmaking Playlist for me.
Prolific wrote:
Below is a list of problems I am still experiencing on MCC. If anyone has any other problems to add please post below and I'll add it to the list.

Current Game Status:
Master Chief Collection Continues to be an Unpleasant Experience...FOR ALL

Bugged Achievements
-Like a Fine Wine- Does not Unlock off Host (FIXED if you completed this achievement and it did not unlock for you previously, you can now trigger the unlock by viewing the playlist)
-Easy As One Two Three- Does not unlock respective nameplate for some
-Lone Wolf Legend Achievement- Some Progress Not Counting

General Multiplayer
-Across Multiple titles in Game chat will often not work. Confirmed to be a problem in Halo 2 Classic, Halo 2 Anniversary. (Please advise on other titles.)
-Players Still able to end games early. I have personally been able to end the game early after getting a host migration box in the bottom right.
-Slow Matchmaking times, especially in parties- rebooting the game will often speed up MM search times for reasons unknown.
-Resuming MCC after a console restart results in infinite search times.
-Across all titles names do not show up in the bottom right to identify who is speaking.
-Sometimes when a player sends an invite and the joining party accepts, the sending party will be summoned into the joining party's lobby
-Too often Maps will not load resulting in players being kicked from Matchmaking lobby
-Unbalanced teams still are a problem in Matchmaking, occurs most often when you have less than the max playlist size
-Searching in parties of 8 does not work, the result of which being a max party of 6 in the BTB playlist.
-Will get "Players not ready" error sometimes when trying to start Matchmaking with multiple players in the lobby.
-Will get "Privileges need to be updated" error sometimes when trying to start Matchmaking solo.
-Backing out of Matchmaking will sometimes cause players to become stuck "Leaving Matchmaking"

Halo CE Multiplayer
-Unable to boot players for excessive Betraying

Halo 2 Multiplayer
-Sniper Shots do not register well and sometimes not at all
-Radar seems to work inconsistently
-Proximity Chat feature missing from Original Halo 2
-Default emblems makes identifying teammates difficult in game
-Players will randomly get stuck at 4 seconds in the respond screen

Halo 3 Multiplayer
-Requires Title Update
-Sound is Completely broken- Cannot tell where gunfire is coming from.
-Requires latest MatchMaking versions of Maps on (from the Xbox 360) with correct weapon placements. Additionally Snowbound, Epitaph, and The Pit need to be replaced with Boundless, Epilogue, and Pit Stop respectively. Also Sand Tarp should be added for Asymmetric gametypes on that map.
-Team Hardcore Playlist- Missing Halo 3 Entirely likely due to the fact that these maps still need to be transferred from the 360 version of the game.
-Matchmaking Stats do not update
-Game shows everyone in game scoreboard shows everyone in party chat.
-Default emblems makes identifying teammates difficult in game
-On Citadel leaving top mid toward sniper spawn hugging the pillars you will notice small invisible walls
-Double Reload bug still in game

Halo 4 Multiplayer
-Netcode needs to be optimized so players don't experience unnecessary lag.
-Requires Title Update

Halo 2: Anniversary Multiplayer
-Netcode needs to be optimized so players don't experience unnecessary lag.
-Rock Textures on Shrine do not load at some map angles most notably when looking from under the opposing teams turret.
-Warlord Teleporters nowhere near as smooth as originally Halo 2 Teleporters.
-Legacy control scheme does not work
-Gun sounds randomly cut out likely due to netcode

Post Game

-After game has ended players are sent back to the post game screen instead of continuing searching as what was originally intended. Don't be lazy this was how the game was intended to function...FIX IT.
- Leaving a post game players will often times be in a lobby by themselves and other players in the party will slowly join in and sometimes will not be able to join in at all often resulting in players having to restart their builds to be able to reconnect to each other again. This takes away from the seamlessness of the game and seems like a really bad coding work-around was used just so keeping parties together "functions". This is unacceptable.
-Sometimes wrong player is given party leader after post game.
-Post Game Press B to Back Out- Sometimes it takes 5 Seconds before you are able to back out other times it takes 30 Seconds.
-Carnage report killed most and killed most by does not function correctly.

Custom Games
-Join in Progress feature missing
-Change Teams feature missing
-No Online File Browser
-Custom Content limit for Maps and Gametypes is 50 which is far too low for a collection of 4 Games.
-H2A- Game types in the temporary history all have generic names and descriptions
-H2A- When you overwrite an existing game type with changes it changes the name of the game type and the description back to the generic info.

Halo CE Campaign
-Random disconnects not sure why they happen but they do happen too often. Disconnects appear unrelated to connection, and are more likely a net code issue.
-Anniversary graphics have moderate frame rate issues often stuttering from 60fps.
-Strange Glitch occurs where non host player is unable to move on their screen but still results in actions on the host xbox.

H2 Campaign
-Coop split-screen in playlists- at multiple end of level cut scenes the screen will go white and the game will crash. Known bugged Levels: Metropolis, Regret, Quarantine Zone.

H4 Campaign
-Suffers from severe Framerate issues unable to run at 60 fps...AT ALL. Inconsistent frame rate may result in motion sickness for some players.

H3 Forge
-Unable to change gametype for gametype specific Editing

H2A Forge
-High object count maps fail to load in medium to large lobbies
-Framerate issues in very basic maps
-Pieces fail to spawn in (it seems like spawn-scripted pieces only cooperate 99% of the time, at random)
-Non-scripted pieces fail to spawn in all rounds of a multiple round game (at least with 8+ players)
-Awash skybox is very dark in the beginning off the match
343 should still be compensating everyone it makes no sense that they put an end date for it when the game is still clearly far from 100% working.
Halo 2 multiplayer
I waited 20 minutes for a game and nothing. I tried to back out and it just stays on the leaving matching and will continue to search for players. Errrr... I just want to play my favorite online game of all time damn it.
I can not even get my MCC to load. It keeps kicking me out to the dashboard. This game is great. Look forward to not buying Halo 5. BUNGIE WHERE ARE YOU?!
Halo 3 terminal achievements will not unlock.
Solid list OP. It does absolutely no good posting it in the MCC Game forum. Take this over to the Support forum where 343 employees will actually read it.
No Filebrowser

  • Halo 3 directional audio still broke
  • Still no on/off toggle for menu music
Jolly's Input. :)

When the entire other team quits, the game doesn't end. Sit there and betray teammates until everyone quits or you quit.
Some games randomly end at say 15 kills or 0 to 0 in flag. No clue why.
The pistol in H1 has strong anti magnetism randomly and pulls your reticle off of your opponent. Very frustrating.
No visual indicator for OS, never has been but wish there was.
Uneven teams still present.
Splits your team onto other teams sometimes. Ex. Game finds 3 Teams of 2. Splits one team up to make 3 vs 3.

The shot registration at mid-long range off host is awful. Needs Fix just as H:CE received.
When the host quits everyone is put in black screen while a new host is assigned.
Respawn Timer gets glitched and you get stuck in respawn for minutes on end.

H3. (don't ever play it)
Audio glitched.

Unbearable lag spikes from -Yoink- netcode.
IMO the nades need a nerf, or possibly just spawn with 1 instead of 2. (tired of dieing from nades every fight)

Matchmaking/Across All Games:
Uneven Teams still present.
Lack of proper skill matching in ranked playlist.
Lack of quit penalties.
Lack of ranking system across the board.
Lack of properly working dedicated servers.
"One or more players is not ready for matchmaking" this error breaks matchmaking, one workaround is passing lobby leader around til someone can search. (only worked for me with a To2)
The failed to connect message that breaks apart parties while searching and makes you unable to find games until after you reset MCC.
Game gets stuck in the Leaving Matchmaking Phase, the Joining Session Phase, the Creating Teams Phase, and even the Voting Screen Phase. (Random)
The roster is slow, inaccurate, and still doesn't show groups of friends in parties. 3/4 etc.
Can't close your custom game lobby, can't put max 8.
Trying to talk to friends through game chat/party chat. Party chat breaks and game chat breaks on a game to game basis.
Lack of mic indicators to know who is talking.
Can hear enemy team in game randomly.
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