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MCC Freezing on Starting Screen

OP Fizzico

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I too am indeed experiencing this incredibly annoying problem, the game works fine for me on pc but on console it is a whole other world, game freezes after pressing start at the main menu. Have annoyingly reinstalled twice, once on external and internal, both which took almost an entire day to do as this game is nearly 100GB of data. This is very ridiculous, seeing as how far back this thread goes it's absolutely mind blowing that the issue hasn't been resolved, it clearly cant be entirely on our end if this many people are going through the same problem. Although I can confirm it takes 5-10 mins of waiting and it will come back but the problem shouldn't be present at all.
Honestly 343 please fix this it's been much to long and numerous updates and this problem is still getting worse
This is still happening in 2020 come on 343
Just Purchased and downloaded MCC for xbox one and I have the same loading issue. Gets to the point of the blueish white circle going around a couple of times and then just locks up. What's the fix ????
JMExp wrote:
Another update to this, it looks like it is linked to an issue with the profile.
On the same console (my one that keeps crashing at the start screen) my friend can log on with his profile and everything is normal.

As soon as i log back in as me, the game crashes!

I have then proceeded to delete my game saves from the console, but that hasn't fixed my issue.
This also happened to me, my friend can log in but not me, it freezes!
I can confirm that going into manage game and add on, click your profile and then delete everywhere will fix it if you don’t care to delete those saved files. What blows my mind is that I only had 29mb of data. But, it worked and am finally playing Halo again after years of not, thanks to this thread.
I can play on a second account but not my main account. Just freezes at the start menu. Really annoying bro.
Same issue. Removing save games does not help
I think the issue itself is staring y'all in the face. 343i is the issue, they're refusing to do anything about it. It's clearly a massive issue that dozens of people are having yet there's no fix after over 6 months. Either email their support directly (don't overwhelm the poor guys, though).
Problem still exists. I can get past the Start button but I had no menu available and just a bar with my gamertag in the top corner. I deleted my save data, waited through the failed sync then it gave me a menu. Hope this helps.
Just tried booting it up today. The little light blue load indicator spins maybe three times than everything stops except the music. Does not return me to dashboard, though. After waiting maybe 6 or 7 minutes, main menu loads. Everything seems normal, just an annoying freeze at the beginning, so just try waiting it out, fellas.
Still is a problem :/
And still nothing. . .
Still not working for me either.
I have also now tried the xcloud version, which is running on Microsoft's own consoles, and that crashes exact same as my Xbox X too.
I press start, the spinning logo stops, I get a buzzing noise for 8 seconds then it exits.

Support are not getting back to my request either, so I am stuck, no further along to where I was a month ago...
I just bought the game yesterday and reinstalled twice. I get stuck at the loading screen after pressing start.
Yeah. As of rn its 02/08/2020 and I have the same problem. WTF 343?
I was having this problem as well where it wood freeze but would still play music. After it would freeze i would just leave it on the frozen screen for about 5 minutes and then it jumped straight to the main menu. So I hope this helps anyone else.
For me the SOLUTION is easy ! Just wait 5 minutes. Have fun !
Sawrly wrote:
I was having the same issue but I just fixed it for myself! This only works for Xbox, though.

I noticed the main issue was MY profile, since I tried it with a backup account I own and it worked just fine, so what I did was:
  • Deleted my account from my console
  • Re-downloaded the account
  • I started up the game and clicked the start button but when it says it's gonna sync the data click on close/cancel
  • Something might pop up, click "ok" and restart the game
  • When you start again it will ASK you to sync the data from saved updates but click cancel
And that's it! It worked perfectly for me, it appears to be an issue when syncing your data, and I don't know whether it's a 343i issue or an Xbox issue.

I hope this works for some of you!!
This is amazing it worked for me. Thank you so much! This could be the cause of all the issues I've been having and could fix a lot of things.
Ok so guys I am on Pc and every time I click it hit a key my games freezes almost like a 1 second stutter I can’t shoot or anything
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