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Game stat history for Bungie's Halo 2/Halo 3/Halo Reach and 343's Halo 4 are hosted on and this site,, respectively. For each of these games, I am able to examine my game history, which shows who was in the game, the amount of kills they contributed, deaths, etc.

For example:

Red Team
Player 1
Player 2

Blue Team
Player 1
Player 2

However, when I look up the "Game History" option for MCC, it displays something like this, which *only* accounts for my stats:

Last Ten Games Played:
1. Ivory Tower - Slayer - 14 kills - 7 deaths, etc
2. Zanzibar - Oddball - 0:34 , 16 kills, 4 deaths, etc.
3. Stonetown - Team Slayer - 12 kills, 6 deaths, etc.
4. etc
5. etc
6. etc


Is there a way to display the in-depth game details for the MCC stats that I'm missing? Will this be implemented in the future? It would be a bit of a letdown if I can't go into my stats and compare friends' performances in a certain game.
I don't think they implemented a detailed stack tracker for this game. So my first inclination is to say no
Any idea why they would *reduce* stat functionality from the previous iterations? We've had game by game stat tracking since the very first Halo 2 game from November 2004.

Can anyone else confirm?
The only explanation I have for reducing stat functionality to basically nothing is.... 343iLogic.