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MCC reach 12 games Base nameplate no pro one.

OP medikXBOX

So I got invited and played in the few hours of halo reach stress test last saturday, And I got the 5 games nameplate.
I did not get the 12 game nameplate even though I did 12 games.
I went to the insider forum and they told me to go here.
Any help from admins or devs would be appreciated.
As I explained in my post here, you needed to have played during the stress test. At your time of posting the test was only 30 minutes in. If you didn't complete you 12 matches during the test time then you won't have been on the list to get the nameplates
(Forget this one)
Could someone at least have another look? I just want to be sure. No hatred on my or probably anybody else's part.
(Ignore me just having a mental breakdown at 12:30 am. Stckrboy, very last line Is what's not all mental which you should read.)

Ok nevermind, I am desperate. The timing was horrible. I stayed up until 2am gmt (6pm pt) constantly playing matches I must have got 12 or just about but because of timezones it registered wrong on one of our 2 ends.

I have had a Godawful week with my xbox breaking me being sick and still trying to do this but I just cant. If I was depressed this would still be the worst week of the year. -Yoink- it existance.

Ah hell, now I sound like im trying to make a pity (Oh look at the poor british child ooh lets take pity~) I need to stop.
Sorry if I wasted your time stckrboy.