Hi everyone.

I have this problem with the campaign. When I pass Outskirts on Legendary the game put the screen of loading of Metropolis, then the screen goes black and took me out of the game to the home of xbox. I try again and the same thing happend. A few hours later, I try to made another mission (it runs normal) and try again with Metropolis and the same thing: it appears the load screen, but it stock and make a weird sound and again, took me out to home of the xbox. I try to play the same mission with another profile and it works perfectly. I uninstalled the game, and when I try to play that mission, the same thing that have place before. The load screen crash.

What can I do?
Apparently a bunch of other people are experiencing the same issue as well with the Halo 2 campaign, and it seems it’s only when trying to play on Legendary that their game freezes then crashes. So I’m assuming 343 is looking into this, and hopefully with their next big title update it will be fixed. Possible ways to fix this for the time being would include hard resetting your Xbox, uninstalling/reinstalling Halo 2 from the MCC, or trying to play offline. Hope this helps.
I’m glad to see I’m not the only person with this issue. I’ve been having the exact same problem, metropolis crashes as soon as we complete it on legendary and laso. It’s a cursed level.


We managed to finish the mission by switching to anniversary graphics at the very end and then mashing the A button to skip the cutscene.