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Missing Korean voice dubbed of Halo MCC version


Halo CE Anniversary has a serious problem.
Original Xbox Halo CE in Korean version of the Covenant was dubbed in Korean voice.
The problem is that Halo CE Anniversary, which was released as XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE, outputs Covenant voice in English.

The Korean people believed 343 industry would patch it sometime, but unfortunately it is still not patched.
After all, many Korean Halo fan gamers were disappointed by 343 industry.

The reason I contacted this forum now is because 343 Industries do not know this fact.
If you are looking at this post, you should help Halo fans around the world for Korean gamers.
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제발 고쳐줘요 343i!
Help for Korean Halo gamers.
This is serious. Halo has done good localization around the world. But the language of the covenant is output in English? That is a serious flaw.
I'm sad that the first monument dubbed in non-English languages was deleted.
I wanna hear covernants saying korean!
Plz bring back korean dub
Miss the korean voice-over of grunts, korean voice actor had such a great job.
yes I agree too