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So I'm getting rather sick of MCC in the midst of multiplayer games killing any ability for me to control the game if I have to pause or if I hit pause. I pause it freezes and only thank that works is the "A" button. Except MCC won't let me hit anything but to see who's in the game, or bring up the in game keyboard. There a reason? There going to be fix, as I have seen forum posts dating back to last year about this issue.
I haven't had this problem but I have had a minor issue where if I pause during a game (or it pauses cause I bring up the dashboard) sometimes every new match will start with me in the pause screen. Annoying but only detrimental in CE 4s when the enemy spawns right in front of you off the start.
It happens. While some things are spur of the moment, things you know about i'd recommend taking care of before you start searching. Course how many are going to read this and not be afk in their next match?
Make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site:

Be sure to read over the known issues list first before reporting