Honestly, name a majorly popular game that hasn't had a few issues on launch, I know this is pretty huge, but almost every big game has some connection issues on launch, look at GTA 5, sure it had some issues putting out multiplayer but it still got rated a top game, and is popular still. I hate to be so frank but anyone who is going to complain and make threads and posts like " I am returning this game, it sucks! " Because of some obvious and forseen bugs within the first week of launch are simpleminded.

If the problem persists for another couple of days, i'll be suprised. If it keeps up for more then a week, I will change my opinion, but all games have some issues on launch, it's just what you have to deal with, it doesn't mean they are bad developers, producers or their corporation is bad, it is obvious that there is going to be some issues on launch.

Anyways, theres my rant, it's just so annoying to me to see everyone saying such mean and rude words towards 343, they created a great game here, and remastered it epicly! I can't wait for matchmaking, and sure I am annoyed by the downtime, but hey it's what we signed up for isn't it?
I agree for the most part.. People are way too enraged over this. Yeah it sucks, I've been playing Halo since Combat Evolved and I've been looking forward to this release for a long time. Despite being frustrated with the matchmaking bugs and various other bugs (Mainly the ones that prevent me from playing with my buddies, whether it be custom games or campaign), I'm still very happy they decided to do the MCC.

That being said, the bugs upon release were anything but foreseen. I doubt if anyone, especially given the games history in the party/lobby/matchmaking field, expected it to be released having those aspects of the online play basically unplayable.

Good news is they are keeping us updated, and are obviously we working on fixing it. I'm still looking forward to playing the game(s) and enjoying every minute of it.

Oh, and there's always going to be those guys who get carried away and go on and on about taking it back or selling it. Let them, even though we all know they're going to wait it out just like the rest of us :)
Just saying, ive been squirming in my seat ever since i first heard of Mmc coming to the xbox one. When you get told a date, its supposed to be a deadline not a guideline..... I find it extremely hard to not get upset when the only online game i get accepted to for over two hours of "searching" is void of any other ppayers besides myself. But i am trying hard, real hard.....