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Struggling to find games after update

OP Kaisen574

Since the last update I and a lot of people from EU can't find any games on PC except sometimes in 4v4 playlists. I try since 2 days to do an infection game or a ranked game andI can't do it no matter what time I try.
Same here, midwest U.S on the P.C also. Haven't been able to find many matches since yesterday only a few 4v4s. I was finding a decent amount of people to match with in BTB all this month but now it's finding nothing since the update.
I'm in eastern U.S. and I might find a game or two in a DAY ever since the 10/14 update.
Same issue since the update. Midwest, US. All I can find are 4v4 Social Slayers, and only after a long wait. Guess I'm not finishing this weeks challenges.
Same here US west, California to be exact. Since the new update btb has been nonexistent. If I’m lucky I’ll find a 4v4.
Same Here