Hello I just downloaded the halo master chief collection to my Xbox one s every time I launch the game it gets 30 seconds into loading and the freezes and shut my entire Xbox off and I have to manually restart it. The xbox doesn’t do this with any other game just the mast chief collection I’ve factory reset the Xbox and re downloaded the game twice now and it still continues to do the same thing I’ve contacted Xbox support and they directed me to your support since it wasn’t a problem with the Xbox specifically
try hard resetting and clearing persistent storage, if that doesnt work install mcc AFTER deleting something else (app, game, anything) so that it occupies a different spot in the hard drive, also try installing/moving mcc in an external hard drive and try booting it up from there, hope this helped
Did this fix your issue?
I have a very similar problem except my Xbox crashes if I try to use an app on my Xbox (Like YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, Netflix) while MCC is open. I can use both independently without crashes, but opening the game with an app running in the background causes an instant crash.
I have this same problem. Any time I play the game, leave the app and go to a different one and then go back to it later, my xbox shuts off. My xbox controller(wireless) just flashes and i have to turn my xbox back on
This is a known issue with the Xbox OS right now, it's not actually related to MCC