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Two players on same network cant matchmake on PC

OP RedZombie18

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I and someone else in my household are attempting to match-make on MCC PC. We can play peer-to-peer sessions perfectly fine (Campaign and Custom Games) however when we try to match-make for online multiplayer games, one of us gets disconnected while attempting to join the session. Has anyone else had this problem and/or does anyone know how we can solve this issue? Thanks!
I am trying to figure this out too. We can play different matches, but if we party and join a game together, one of is is disconnected.

Trying to figure this out (MCC on Steam)
so I opened my xbox settings

Windows key > type in "xbox live" > Xbox Live Settings

It runs a check, where it was telling me that Teredo wasn't working and I was getting blocked... Clicked a button that said "fix it", restarted, and I'm playing again. Will play a few games and let you know
The other person in my house has tried it but it reverts back to the problem message again. I'll try it again though. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know
Yeah it's a struggle because 3 of us in the house all want to play MCC, and this is killing us from being able to play
Same problem here, been happening for quite a while.

Things I have tried and still doesn't work:
  • Fix it button in Xbox Networking settings
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled teredo adapter
  • Startup type of IP Helper is set to automatic
  • Setting teredo server name to default
  • Enabled and disabled firewall for both MCC and in general
  • Everything in this article:
  • Everything in this video (This video made my nat type open so I will give it a shot as soon as I can and see if it works)
I found this comment from user LindsayLucky on a Reddit post about using the Windows Event Viewer after your connection fails to maybe see what could be causing the disconnections. Not entirely sure if this would help at all but might be worth trying at least.
So I was able to get a another copy of MCC installed on a second PC in my household and I can confirm this issue is not happening for me
For my test I just joined a matchmade Firefight Doubles and both PCs were able to connect to the server and play
If it helps at all, I was connected to my internet wirelessly on both computers running the game
I didn't see anyone else in this thread mention how they're connecting to the internet. Did any of you try switching from wired to wireless? (or vice versa if you're already wireless)
No one in my house has Wireless capability. If someone else could try it for us that is experiencing the same problem, please let me know.
Just to add some more information:

The router is on the other end of our house, so we have an ethernet cable running into my room which is connected to a splitter. From that splitter, we have 3 other ethernet cables connected to the PCs on our side of the house.
Just to add some more information:

The router is on the other end of our house, so we have an ethernet cable running into my room which is connected to a splitter. From that splitter, we have 3 other ethernet cables connected to the PCs on our side of the house.
I know basically nothing about networking but if I were you I'd either try another wired solution if at all possible and see if that fixes your issue or see if a wireless adapter is the answer. If that doesn't work I'm pretty much out of ideas other than contacting 343 support (if you haven't already) or maybe even Microsoft or Steam support
UPDATE: Still have not fixed this issue but I may know why.
Since we're all running from the same network, we're using the same client port to connect to matchmade servers. If we could individually change our client ports, then we should be able to play matchmaking together however from what I've seen, changing the client port is impossible. If anyone knows of some way to get this to work then that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Using an earlier reply from Krpndeth seems to have fixed this issue for me. I used event viewer to see any issues coming up when trying to connect online. I followed some sites and eventually lead myself to this one:

I followed everything in that post and we have tested a few games and into 3 matches in a row. We will be trying later today to see if we can get a third connection into a multiplayer game but so far so good.
Yeah it's a struggle because 3 of us in the house all want to play MCC, and this is killing us from being able to play
Did you ever find a fix for this yet?
I'm having the same exact issue with my roommate.

-We can play individually at the same time but often get kicked if we party up in matchmaking.
-Both connected wireless to same router.
-We both have more or less identical computers.
-Trying to fix the xbox live settings does the same thing where it's fixed and open but reverts to having issues after a while. We've also confirmed that even if both status are open and working, we still have issues.
- Updating the router had no effect.
- attempting to change to different clientport settings through steam had no effect (not sure if that does anything for how mcc works)
- No other games, whether through Microsoft or steam has issues like this
- We can tell when one of us is going to get kicked because the load screen for matchmaking takes slightly longer than normal.

I submitted a ticket when MCC for PC first came out, but never got any response from support. Seems like they're ignoring this.
Unfortunately, what I originally thought is the case. Because we’re all on the same network only of us is allowed to use a single client port at a time. Meaning, unless we are allowed to change our client ports through some type of configuration file or a launch command, there’s nothing we can do and are out of luck.

i hope that we can figure something out soon but I seriously doubt it at this point.
Ok so I may have found a possible solution. I originally didn't think this would work as I assumed this only applied to Source/Valve's games but it seems to be working so far; I will do more testing to confirm the solution but in the meantime, here's what I did to get it to work:

To configure multiple clients to play from behind the same router, you may need to change one of the clients to use a different clientport number.
  • Each machine must have a unique Steam account with different game licenses registered to the account.
  • Each machine must have a different clientport setting.
  • Each machine must have a unique Mac address.
  • The router must be up-to-date.
  • Your Firewall and router must have the required ports for Steam open.
The default clientport is 27005 and you can only have one game with that port active on the same lan.

To specify a client port, please perform the following steps for each computer on the LAN
  • Go to Steam's My games menu
  • Right-click on the game you wish to play
  • Go to Properties
  • From the General tab, click on the Set launch options button
  • Add a different client port number on each machine between 27005 and 27032 in the following format:
    +clientport 270XX
    Note: Do not use 27020
  • Click OK
NOTE: This solution only works if you launch the game through the My games menu.
If you have already set other launch options, leave a space between the last character of your previous launch option and the + of your clientport setting.
Link to the article is here
UPDATE: Two of us were able to play for a few games with no issues. We then added our third player to matchmaking and I was disconnected again. We didn't have the third player change the client port so we'll have everyone do that to see if this helps. I also heard that there can be issues with having some people having the game installed on an HDD vs an SSD so I'm in the process of moving the game and will continue testing.
UPDATE 2: Two of us in the household are now constantly getting into games with each other however when our friend not in our household attempts to match make with us, the disconnecting issue happens again. He has his game installed on an HDD while us two are on an SSD. Still researching for solutions.
UPDATE 3: Everyone in our group now has MCC installed on an SSD and still no dice.

This is now our current situation: Two people in the same house can now play matchmaking together with no issues so far and one person in the house can match make with our friend not in our household. However if the three of us try to match make together, one of us in the house will then be disconnected and RECEIVE A BAN because they “disconnected” from the game. These issues with the game are punishing us because we can’t fix the problem. It doesn’t help that it takes us 15+ minutes to find a match because West US servers are practically non-existent; So on top of one of us being disconnected and banned, we are stuck in a match with terrible ping and hit reg.
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