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Waypoint is not recording my completions for MCC

OP qproblematic

So, I recently just finished Halo 3 on Legendary as it was my last Halo to complete on Legendary on the MCC. I then checked my achievement list and noticed I was missing achievements for Halo CE and 2. These achievements which were missing are Keyes and The Maw completion and Sacred Icon through to The Great Journey, even though the game says I have completed all the missions for every game, Halo CE through to 4. I then checked waypoint and noticed it said that I haven't completeled the levels which I'm missing from my achievements. I then replayed all those missions and it didn't record to waypoint. I then did them again and it still did not record to waypoint. I would like to know why my completions aren't being recorded and I haven't received the Helioskrill armour set.
Thank you for taking your time to read this
Yeah, I'm having that problem too.
Are you playing with any of the “cheat” skulls on (bandanna, envy, scarab), were some missions done in co-op, did you play offline at any point? Certain things like that can affect completion progress.
Well, that sounds like an issue with the servers, the only thing that you can do now is to wait, if they don't pop up or get registered on Waypoint in one month or less, then maybe your are not going to get them (in this case you need to wait for the next update and see if that works for your achievments).
You can also try with a Power Cycle to erase the cache of the console and play some games on matchmaking. Please, if something helps you, update the post :D
guys this was 2 years ago and I got it sorted lmao
I love you all for the attempt though <3