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Why am I not earning XP after matches?

OP xEnstinctx

Every other game im literally getting 0 xp even though I've got a crap ton of medals, won the game. And no XP. I don't know if this is some glitch because Double XP was added. But you need to fix it now or extend the Double XP another day because that's stupid.
Sort of having the same problem. Completed 2 games without exp gained and stayed at max exp at the 18th tier. Its not counting towards it. Is there a max exp cap per day?
I don't believe there is a max cap. And if there is then theres no reason to 1.Have a Battlepass system. 2. They should've said there was a cap. But its 343 so we may never know
I just logged back in and my rank is gone and exp also.
They are probably having a bug.
That happens a few times for me. If you play a game it will show you your rank again