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[Locked] 3D printed spartan page won't load.

OP Tyrant Cynical

So I told myself that if I reach 152 I'll get myself a 3D printed spartan from Sandboxr. When I pressed the 3D print button on the spartans appearance page it would take me to the 3d print site from Sandboxr. It would ask me what size I want and the price of it. But for some reason when I clicked the review button it wouldn't load up a review. So for the next couple of days I went back to the 3d print site and see if it will load up a review (which it didn't) 1 or 2 days ago I changed my gamertag. I went back on the spartan appearance page and clicked the 3d print button and now it takes me to a page that says

Well, this is embarrassing. Looks like we have some problems on our end.

I tried going to the sandboxr site by searching up on google but when I click that I get the "your connection is not private" page. And the thing is before I went on the site through a web browser and I got through. I tried going to the site on my phone and I still got the your connection is not private page. All of this started happening after I changed my gamertag. Can someone see if this is happening to you too or if it's just me? All you have to do is go on profile, then go on Customize Spartan, then click the 3d print button.
Hey OP, thanks for reporting this. Can confirm it's happening to me to. I passed it over to the Waypoint team so hopefully they'll be able to look into it soon
Happening to me as well, really upsetting. Hope it gets fixed soon!
Happening to me as well, really upsetting. Hope it gets fixed soon!
According to this post they are no longer in production. Please continue conversation in that topic if you desire :) Thanks!