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GHOST member in Spartan Company, please help!


I posted up a few weeks ago about a member in our Spartan Company: Hoya127

Who has been highly inactive for months. The gamertag doesn't exist and if you click on their profile it loops back to your own.

We would greatly appreciate if they could be removed as we are unable to, it just keeps coming back as an error and to try again.

Kind regards,

They likely changed their gamertag at some point, which can throw a wrench into removing them from the company. I know stckrboy has been able to get this resolved for my community before, hopefully he can take a peek at this for you, too :)
Yeah, nice one. Hopefully stckrboy can assist.

Thanks for the response, appreciated :)
Hey, I did pass this on and have nudged again. Being turkey day today and coming up on the weekend it may be next week before I hear back. Issues like this sometimes need to go to a different team to handle :)
Who you gonna call?!