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Incorrect gamertag attached to waypoint account?

OP BauxiticHarp823

Hey so apparently waypoint thinks I am "BauxiticHarp823" but thats not me at all

is there a way for me to re-assign the account attached to this waypoint account?
hi im having the same problem, i play halo5 with a different gamertag, help plz
If you sign into Waypoint with the email address linked to your gamer tag, it should automatically pull through the correct tag for you. If its not then I'm not sure what's wrong
no this is def not my tag, this support sucks tho been waiting for help more than 10 days and
Did you guys change your gamertag recently? If not, the email that you used to signed into the website is different than the email you used in on your Xbox One. The easiest way to check your account information on your Xbox One is to go to Settings -> Account -> Sign-in, Security & Pass Key. There you should be able to see the email you used.