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[Locked] No REQ pack

OP iTz ZnuFf IaN

Today i redeem the code slipydoodle from the HCS London but i dont get the REQ pack, i try to redeem it again but the page send me a message saying i already redeem the code, i want to know why i dont get the REQ pack, thanks
I am another but I add to this problem I just entered the code of the second day and the same, the pack does not appear to open.

We await response from the working group, thank you
It's znuff we're you signed in? Pretty sure you can redeem without being signed in which I did & was hella bummed so make sure you are signed in at click on your photo in the top right corner- with your profile image
There was an issue with 2 of the Plat packs, a pack was eventually released shortly after yesterday to make up for that and another few since then. Those packs that didn't work won't be given out again, there will be more available during Denver so stay tuned