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[Locked] Not an option to switch profiles

OP BloodshotJ

I log in with my own e-mail, which is the same I let my brother use, but whenever I log in on here, I always log into his profile instead of mine. is there any way to fix this? I guess the problem is, that I originally made one profile on my Xbox one I never used, and later converted it into my little bro's profile. I guess the problem is just that the first profile I created on my xbox is my brother's, and I cannot switch my profile from it. My real name on Xbox live is AverageGuardLuc, if the information was needed.
Waypoint sign ins are tied to your Xbox Live ID, which is whatever email address is associated with your account. You'll want to sign in with the email address registered to your gamertag AverageGuardLuc
The easiest way to check your account information on your Xbox One is to go to Settings -> Account -> Sign-in, Security & Pass Key. There you should be able to see the email you used.
I have the same problem. Stckrboy, what if the problem is both accounts use the same email address?
That Mack it so you can switch profiles
Please don't revive old topics thanks