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Spartan company's

OP iIegaI

This is like the Xbox gamertag situation people take cool spartan company names so other can't have them and never do or use the company what so ever for example me and a group of friends that still play your game in 2019 want to make a company together and we want the company name Ambush wich is own by 1 individual that made it back in 2015 and has not been active again it's not fair and kinda ridiculous when u have ppl literally just taking great names just to have them and literally not do anything with it.... If u guys could maybe release so of these names that been inactive since 2015 and only have 1 member... if so could I please take ownership of the name Ambush so we could make it active please and thx
Hey OP, I'm afraid this isn't something we can do. We don't remove Company names from people just because somebody else wants to get it. The best you can do is try reaching out to the company leader, wait until the name becomes clear again, or find another name that's close to the one you want
To be completely honest it doesn't matter all that much to me I am not necessarily really like begging for it or anything or asking for a handout or plea And I do understand maybe someday before infinite or something there should be, a if you don't log into your account after 5 years the company will reset because for all he knows he played halo 5 made a company hated halo 5 and realized he didn't like the game and is now on Ps4 as we speak at least Xbox has a policy or rule of UNDERSTANDEMENT to the people that actually stay and dedicate there time to there community such as xbox or halo or what ever the case maybe and i do understand nothing will change or any of that but for a better future a more open future maybe sometime you can bring it up to 343 cause i know you alone cant do anything about it and im not asking you to specifically I am nearly suggesting that maybe as a team in 343 u should consider it as a virtue to your loyal players who stay and play as an understandment