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Suggestion: Halo Player/Event Finder App

OP Vinny Mendoza

The CE community has been kicking this idea around for a while since we always hold LANs and are looking for local players, but I thought it'd be way better for an official app to be created as I've seen fans of other Halos trying to organize themselves locally as well using outlets like facebook groups and discord.

What if we had an official app on Android and Apple iOS and even on our Xboxes that allowed you to find other people and Halo events in your area, similar to the apps that the SmashBros community has?

You could designate what Halo games you prefer to play, create events and advertise them for other players to attend, organize tournaments on it, etc.

It would be beneficial for HCS esports too because 343 could send out notifications for official tournaments instead of relying on social media to hopefully reach players.

It would really help build the grassroots in a more official capacity with minimal effort as well.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Tinder, but for Halo players.