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Why not add the waypoint app inside of the Halo 5?

OP ProfesorSakki34

Hey 343, or is it Bungie?
anyways, I was thinking about how halo could involve there community a lot, and I thought about adding a new tab (probably between the forge tab and the community tab) and call it HALO WAYPOINT.
This probably take a lot of work to pull off but I know for a fact it would get more people to use it and it could keep players more in touch with their spartan company.
If your Spartan company's leader wants to send out a notification to all of the members in the company, the members of the company would see on the halo 5 home screen that they have a new notification from the spartan company. I bet that this would work a lot better for spartan companies, instead of the spartan company leader sending out a notification and praying that someone will hop on their web browser to go on halo waypoint. I really think this should've been added a long time ago, but adding the feature now is better than never adding it.
Thank you, C00lCow34

reshape this on community if you think this would be a great feature as well!!!!! :D